Sauerkraut is a food product obtained by the fermentation of raw cabbage in a specially prepared brine under the influence of lactic acid bacteria. Consumption of sauerkraut helps restore the balance of gut flora.



Vegetables and information about their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of vegetables. Exotic and tropical vegetables.
Vegetables - Green OnionsVegetables

Green Onions


Green onions find wide application in the culinary arts. Green onions are an invariable part of lettuce salad, a typical spring dish. Strangely enough, the quantities of sugar in green onions exceed those found in pears and apples.

Vegetables - Bok ChoyVegetables

Bok Choy


Bok choy is a representative of cabbage plants. It originates from the Far East - Japan, China, Indonesia. Bok choy is a type of leafy cabbage very similar to Chinese cabbage in size and appearance.

Vegetables - TaroVegetables



Taro (Colocasia Esculenta), known also by the common name Colocasia, is a tropical plant used by people in different parts of the world for food. Taro is a root vegetable but should not be eaten raw because it is toxic.

Vegetables - Iceberg LettuceVegetables

Iceberg Lettuce


Iceberg lettuce is a greed salad vegetable of the Asteraceae family. Iceberg lettuce is characterized by excellent taste qualities, few calories and an abundance of vitamins.

Vegetables - GherkinsVegetables



Gherkins can be used fresh or pickled. Fresh gherkins can be used in various salads. They can easily substitute plain cucumbers.

Vegetables - ChayoteVegetables



Chayote is also known by the names chuchu and pear squash. The history of this exotic plant begins in Mexico. At first chayote was only found in the wild but slowly it caught the attention of and was cultivated by the local Aztecs.

Vegetables - MacaVegetables



Maca, Lepidium meyenii, is a herbaceous perennial plant of the family Brassicaceae. Maca is marketed primarily in the form of powder of dried roots.

Vegetables - Wild YamsVegetables

Wild Yams


Wild yams, Dioscorea villosa, also known as Mexican wild yam, is a plant that is found mainly in North America. Composition and benefits of wild yams.

Vegetables - KaleVegetables



Kale is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Kale is a winter plant. Kale is used raw in salads, and in dishes with heat treatment. is a leading portal for cooking recipes, healthy eating, healthy foods, diets, weight loss and more. On, you will find thousands of pages of original content, focusing on the global food industry. Enjoy an encyclopedia of information on all products, vitamins and minerals, their features and benefits, nutrition and health issues, cooking tips and more. All cooking recipes belong either to a user of the site, or our authors. Here you will find original recipes with pictures from the international cuisine. Enjoy our cooking recipes, tricks and tips!