Petit Verdot
Types of wine

Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a red wine grape variety, primarily characteristic of France, and more specifically of the region of the port city Bordeaux. Petit Verdot grape elixirs are characterized by a full-bodied, saturated red color.


Types of wine

Quick reference to the different types of wine from around the world. Discove the most famoues types of wine.
Types of wine - Chenin BlancTypes of wine

Chenin Blanc


Chenin blanc is an old white wine grape variety, originating from the Loire river valley in France. Chenin blanc wines have a well defined aroma, a remarkably fruity and colorful aftertaste.

Types of wine - GarganegaTypes of wine



Garganega is a white grape variety that yields delightful white wines. These vines are extraordinarily popular in Italy, where they have been grown for centuries. Garganega wines are either white table wines or fortified wines.

Types of wine - NebbioloTypes of wine



Nebbiolo is a red wine grape variety, known to winemakers for many centuries. Wines from Nebbiolo are high in alcohol. The amount of tannins in them is also significant.

Types of wine - ChiantiTypes of wine



Chianti is a red, dry wine, produced in the legendary Tuscany region in Italy. Chianti is one of the oldest wines, it's been in production for at least 700 years.

Types of wine - SyrahTypes of wine



Syrah is a red wine grape variety that is also commonly known as Shiraz in Australia and the countries of the New World. The magnificent Syrah matures into an incredibly aromatic and complex wine, with a smooth and soft structure.

Types of wine - HermitageTypes of wine



Hermitage is the name of the high quality French wines produced from the grapes of vines thriving on the slopes of the river Rhône valley. Wines classified as Hermitage are rich, full-bodied, with a satisfying amount of tannins.

Types of wine - Nero d'AvolaTypes of wine

Nero d'Avola


Nero d'Avola is a red wine grape variety grown in Sicily, Italy. It is actually considered the most important variety in the region. With their velvety charm, wines from Nero d'Avola can transform a plain evening into a fantastic celebration.

Types of wine - Dom PérignonTypes of wine

Dom Pérignon


Dom Pérignon is a high class brand of champagne, made by the prestigious Moët Chandon Champange House in France. Hands down, Dom Pérignon is not only one of the most popular names in the world of sparkling wines but also one of the most expensive.

Types of wine - CarignanTypes of wine



Carignan is a red wine variety originating from Spain. Carignan is named after the region it is grown in - Cariñena, Aragon province.