Colon Cancer

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29 Apr.
There are even allegations that the E163 brings health benefits, namely the prevention of cancer of the esophagus and colon, as well as other less serious diseases of the digestive organs....
Frozen Lemons - You'll be Shocked by Their Healing Properties!Frozen Lemons - You'll be Shocked by Their Healing Properties!
19 May
The extract from lemons has positive effects in treating colon, breast, lung and more than 12 other different types of cancer, including prostate and pancreatic cancer....
27 Dec.
If free radicals damage DNA in cells of the colon, these cells can mutate into cancer. By neutralizing free radicals, the nutrients in olives protect us from colon cancer. • Have anti-inflammatory effects....
27 Dec.
Fiber is also linked to cancer causing chemicals in the column, preventing damage to cells. Maybe that's why diets with high fiber foods are associated with reduced risk of colon cancer....
03 Dec.
Excessive consumption of lycopene, in turn, can cause a deep orange color. It is, however, harmless....
Eat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from CancerEat Red Peppers to Protect Yourself from Cancer
07 July
- Scientists agree that red peppers are the most effective in combating colon cancer out of all the other gifts of nature....
24 Dec.
In this respect, wasabi is a powerful tool to patients with leukemia and breast cancer, bladder, prostate, pancreas, lung and colon problems. Wasabi is useful in diabetes and has a detoxifying effect....
22 Jan.
cervix, colon cancer, breast cancer, and this is only a fraction of the diseases that honey affects favorably and assists in their treatment....
The Vitamin Bomb Known as the YamThe Vitamin Bomb Known as the Yam
23 Oct.
Further, they are used to prevent cardiovascular diseases, as well as colon and small intestine cancer. Yams are easy to prepare. They can be boiled, baked, fried and are the ideal ingredient in many recipes....
27 Dec.
- Soya helps to prevent certain cancers. Several studies have shown that regular intake of soya foods may help prevent hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer....
The Wonderful Benefits of SoursopThe Wonderful Benefits of Soursop
12 Sept.
Scientists have tested the efficiency of the fruit in various types of cancer - it's claimed to help treat breast, lung, pancreatic, colon and prostate cancer....
How to Prepare Healthy FriesHow to Prepare Healthy Fries
08 June
British scientists have found out how to prepare French fries, in order to avoid the risk of cancer diseases....
Foods to Alleviate any PainFoods to Alleviate any Pain
25 Aug.
Regular use of it acts as a prophylactic against colon cancer. Ginger is a natural remedy against nausea while traveling and morning sickness during pregnancy....