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Cooking tips on preparing various recipes, a wide selection of spices, tips on storage of ingredients and other insider secrets from the world of chefs. Find the most useful cooking tips for the modern housewife. Try our culinary tips and give us your rating.
Black MustardBlack MustardThere is hardly a person who has not encountered the products of black mustard. Culinary applications and useful properties of black mustard seeds.
Soybean Oil - What We Need to KnowSoybean Oil - What We Need to KnowLiquid oil from soybean seeds was extracted about 6, 000 years ago in China. Soybean oil - what we need to know?
Tips for Boiling MeatTips for Boiling Meat
13 June
Nina Nord
In order to make meat tasty and healthy, it is boiled in a certain way. It is boiled in water or in vegetable broth. If you put the meat in boiling water.
How to Lard Meat?How to Lard Meat?
12 June
Plamena M.
Larding meat is done by piercing and flavoring various meats with bacon, vegetables or others. The procedure is performed with a special device - a hollow needle or a sharp object.
How to Make Flax Egg and What it is Used for?How to Make Flax Egg and What it is Used for?What is a flax egg? This egg is intended for people who are vegan, for those who do not like eggs and for those who love sweets but are allergic to eggs. With flax egg you can replace ordinary eggs.
Subtleties for Freezing and Defrosting Chicken MeatSubtleties for Freezing and Defrosting Chicken MeatBy following these easy and simple subtleties when defrosting chicken, your chicken meat will always be juicy, soft and tender. These defrosting principles are also relevant for other meat such as pork and beef.
How to Make Sauerkraut?How to Make Sauerkraut?
07 June
Sauerkraut is a winter food. It is easy to prepare sauerkraut at home, but some subtleties must be taken into account.
How Long is a Chicken Roasted for?How Long is a Chicken Roasted for?
06 June
Chilled, not frozen chicken is suitable for roasting. If it is frozen, it is best to defrost it before putting it in the oven.
How to Work with GelatinHow to Work with Gelatin
06 June
Jana G.
The easiest way to work with gelatin is the following: dissolve it in cold water, then dissolve it in a water bath and add it to the products specified in the recipe.
The Secrets of Tender Pork ShankThe Secrets of Tender Pork Shank
05 June
Jana G.
Fresh pork shank can be baked in the oven, but in order for it to be tender, it must be boiled, until the meat is completely tender. The broth can be used to make soup.