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Black TeaBlack Tea
22 Jan.
It has exciting action, similar to that of coffee. Another ingredient of tea - caffeine, is an antioxidant for the body. It would be wrong to call black tea a miracle cure....
Foods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty StomachFoods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach
28 Oct.
Coffee Drinking a cup of coffee before breakfast is the greatest weakness for a majority of people....
14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us
07 May
Not long ago, scientists debunked some "facts" pertaining to coffee, eggs, bread and how and when we should eat. Coffee dehydrates!...
When to drink teaWhen to drink tea
10 Jan.
Green and black tea, early morning is recommended as a substitute for coffee. They contain substances that help wake the body up and can successfully replace your morning coffee....
How to Limit Our Intake of SugarHow to Limit Our Intake of Sugar
31 Mar.
We consume sugar daily - this starts with our morning coffee that we sweeten with 1-2 teaspoons....
24 Mar.
A big advantage of guarana has to coffee is that its consumption does not need a monitored heart rate, which is often found in drinking coffee....
18 Feb.
The classic grog recipe calls for adding rum to brewed black tea, then adding sugar and drinking it hot....
Today is World Food DayToday is World Food Day
16 Oct.
Alcohol, coffee, soda and fruit juices are also not seen in a good light. At the same time, drinking lots of water should be a priority....
Why It's Good to Drink Water with Lemon EverydayWhy It's Good to Drink Water with Lemon Everyday
08 Apr.
For strengthening the immune system, experts recommend drinking 1 cup of water with half a squeezed lemon in it per day. This way you will supply yourself with the necessary amount of vitamin C, state experts....
Diet for high cholesterolDiet for high cholesterol
08 Jan.
Replace regular flour with oatmeal - buy oatmeal and grind it in a coffee grinder. Emphasize on beans and lentils....
09 Mar.
Some consumers prefer to drink it with their coffee in the morning however, so a strict time cannot be set for drinking Baileys. The only condition is to enjoy the drink slowly and quietly....
What to eat after diarrheaWhat to eat after diarrhea
14 Jan.
• Limit your intake of foods and beverages with caffeine, such as chocolate, coffee, strong tea, and some sodas....
26 Dec.
Both in England and in Holland wealthy people tagged drinking tea, thus helping to popularize it. So tea slowly went a long way to conquering the hearts of people around the world....