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The Most Popular Specialties from Moroccan CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Moroccan Cuisine
17 Jan.
A filling of meat - chicken, pigeon, fish, seafood and almonds, cinnamon, boiled eggs, herbs and spices, is placed between numerous very thin layers of fried dough. Gayin el ghalmi is a goulash with mutton....
Spices that make Potatoes IrresistibleSpices that make Potatoes Irresistible
01 May
In case you are fond of caraway, which, you know, has a very strong flavor, you can add it to potatoes, if you have prepared them with chicken. Do not put a large quantity or the dishes will be bitter....
Flavorful Specialties with SalviaFlavorful Specialties with Salvia
16 Apr.
If you want a simpler recipe, simply add salvia to a chicken dish with onions. Salvia does not go too well with other spices. Its combination with garlic however, is exceptionally successful....
Tajine - The Magician in Arab CuisineTajine - The Magician in Arab Cuisine
06 Nov.
Spices traditionally used to flavor meat or chicken tajine include: cinnamon, saffron, ginger, turmeric, cumin, black pepper and the Moroccan spice-blend Ras el hanout, which in Arabic means "head of the shop"...
5 Spices for New Chefs5 Spices for New Chefs
25 Aug.
Without this spice, it is impossible to imagine the taste of Chinese dishes. Cook a chicken or vegetables in ginger sweet and sour sauce, sprinkle this spice over rice, make ginger tea....
The Most Popular Specialties from Arab CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Arab Cuisine
15 Jan.
Spices are widely used in great amounts. In Arab countries, even coffee is drunk with spices instead of sugar. Onions, garlic, olives, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and lots of olive oil are used....
Mouth-Watering Recipes for Roast Chicken from World CuisineMouth-Watering Recipes for Roast Chicken from World Cuisine
07 Nov.
By preparing roast chicken with the addition of some nontypical spices for the home kitchen, you can turn it into a tasty culinary experience. See how to prepare five unique and easy recipes for tasty chicken....
Different types of curryDifferent types of curry
06 Jan.
This spice is a great fit to meat dishes - beef, pork or chicken. Curry is used as a main ingredient in a dish called "massman" which is common in Muslim nations....
Star AniseStar Anise
29 Apr.
The spice can be used to season fish, chicken and duck meat, as well as veal and pork. The aromatic seeds are put in vegetable stews and soups....
Small Secrets of the Great KitchenSmall Secrets of the Great Kitchen
29 July
When cooking wine and rice, it will serve a spicy dish not salty. It will contrast well with the spicy seasoning. This way, cooks in Thailand and China make it more tasty....
Delicious Rosemary-Flavored DishesDelicious Rosemary-Flavored Dishes
04 Apr.
Rosemary is a spice which adds a pleasant and fresh flavor to the dishes it is put in. The spice is often used in Mediterranean cuisine. The leaves of rosemary are used, which can be fresh or dried....
How To Cook Homemade ChickenHow To Cook Homemade Chicken
20 June
There is nothing more delicious than home production - whether it's fruit, vegetables, spices or meat....
Dishes We Can Make with White MeatDishes We Can Make with White Meat
10 July
If you like you can add a few finely ground walnuts to the dry spices in which you'll be rolling the chicken. The last recipe is for steaks with a filling consisting of cheese and ham....

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