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Mocha Heart CakeMocha Heart Cake
15 Feb.
For decoration - 2 strawberries cut into 4....
Chocolate Heart CakeChocolate Heart CakeSyrup one of the hearts with Baileys and cover with cherries and cream. Syrup the other heart with orange juice and cover it with the first....
The Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat WavesThe Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat Waves
21 June
The acidity of white wine is about the same as that of stomach digestive juices and thus improves digestion of protein-rich food. But of course drinking water is the best way of quenching one's thirst....
What to Eat During the Heat WavesWhat to Eat During the Heat Waves
12 Aug.
During the scorching heat, nutritionists recommend a change in the menu....
Walnuts Protect Women from DiabetesWalnuts Protect Women from Diabetes
02 May
The fair sex, who has nuts only once a month, hardly reduce the risk to their health....
Fish Protect Women Against DepressionFish Protect Women Against Depression
14 May
It is also believed that if a child's diet includes fish more often, this will protect them from suffering from depression less often in the future....
Blueberries protect against colon cancerBlueberries protect against colon cancer
05 Jan.
Blueberries protect against many diseases and also slow aging and decrease the loss of brain function....
Three Protein Smoothies for Weight Loss and Good HealthThree Protein Smoothies for Weight Loss and Good HealthHere are 3 recipes for delicious and healthy smoothies that will help you lose weight and improve your health. The smoothies can be consumed both for breakfast and as a snack....
Gazpacho with strawberriesGazpacho with strawberriesThe strawberries and kiwi together with the vegetables are cut into pieces and put in a blender with soaked bread + water, salt, parsley and black pepper. Grind everything until smooth....
Cake with StrawberriesCake with Strawberries
07 Apr.
Wash the strawberries and cut them into halves or quarters depending on the size. Preparation of the strawberry jelly Sprinkle the washed and sliced strawberries with 3 tablespoons of sugar....
Cheesecake with StrawberriesCheesecake with Strawberries
20 Mar.
Turn off the heat, drain the water from gelatin, transfer it to the chocolate and stir until dissolved. Beat the softened feta cheese with the sugar....
Brownies with StrawberriesBrownies with Strawberries
23 Apr.
Add 2/3 of the chopped strawberries. Pour the resulting mixture into a small tray laid out with baking paper. Place the remaining strawberries on top....
Muffins with StrawberriesMuffins with Strawberries
22 Feb.
Using all of the products, without the strawberries and half the chocolate, knead a dough. Add the set aside strawberries. Pour the dough into muffin molds and sprinkle on top with the remaining chocolate....
Delicious Chocolate Heart CakeDelicious Chocolate Heart CakeForm them into a heart shape using a template. Then stick them together with the white cream....
Exquisite Chocolate Heart CakeExquisite Chocolate Heart CakeGrease and lightly flour a baking form in the shape of a heart. If you do not have one, you can use a regular tray and then carefully cut the cake in the shape of a heart....