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If you're not Eating Pears you're Depriving yourself of Good HealthIf you're not Eating Pears you're Depriving yourself of Good Health
16 Sept.
- Pears have more nutrients per calorie than calories per nutrient (surprising considering they're so sweet). - These fruits are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, copper and vitamin K....
Your Heart Loves StrawberriesYour Heart Loves Strawberries
28 Apr.
The best part is that despite their sweetness, strawberries are not caloric. 1 cup of the fruits contains barely 40 calories. 1 cup of strawberries provides us 1 g proteins, 11.65 g carbohydrates, 3.81 g dietary...
The 5 Healthiest JuicesThe 5 Healthiest Juices
11 Mar.
Tomato juice is rich in vitamin C and is very low in calories. There are 40 cal in 1 cup. However, it is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant....
Eat Every 3 Hours for a Fast MetabolismEat Every 3 Hours for a Fast Metabolism
29 Feb.
Put your faith in negative calorie foods. These are the foods whose digestion requires more energy than their caloric composition. On the other hand, eating every 3 hours is the key to speeding up metabolism....
30 Minutes for a Flat Belly30 Minutes for a Flat Belly
08 Apr.
Some aerobic workouts are: - Dancing - Biking - Skiing - Going up stairs - Swimming - Running Decrease the amount of calories Learning to consume the right amount of calories takes further training...
27 Nov.
Receiving a total lack of calories, the body itself begins to produce glucose as compensation. This leads to the production of insulin and fat....
27 Nov.
For some, a big plus is the lack of calories and that cyclamate dissolves easily in water and withstands very high temperatures....
Gum Does Lead to Weight LossGum Does Lead to Weight Loss
16 Apr.
The experts had set a goal to find out how gum affects human weight and whether it influences the daily intake of calories....
How to Cook MusselsHow to Cook Mussels
25 Apr.
Moreover, mussels are low calorie - one hundred grams contains only 75 calories. After cooking the mussels, they must be eaten on the same day as the cooked mussels can not be stored much longer....
A Diet for Polycystic OvariesA Diet for Polycystic Ovaries
20 Oct.
The 2nd group did the exact opposite - their smallest meal was at breakfast, while for dinner they ate the most calories....
Beverages That are Enemies of a Thin WaistlineBeverages That are Enemies of a Thin Waistline
15 May
This is due to the fact that artificial sweeteners fool the body's ability to decide how many calories it needs....
The Indian diet and its adviceThe Indian diet and its advice
25 Nov.
It is better to include protein through food, but it must be low in calories. 7....
The Pomelo DietThe Pomelo Diet
29 Oct.
As well, due to the large amounts of pectin and fiber, the pomelo gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety, not to mention that it is a fruit with few calories....