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Health Tips

Eating regimes and diets for health problems and stomach issues. Learn how to eat healthy - what to emphasize on and what to avoid. Check out our simple health tips collection. If you are suffering from, or have concerns about a particular health problem, consult a specialist when choosing a diet! Health tips for a safe and healthy life!
Fruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the LiverFruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the Liver
11 May
Yana G.
Garlic helps activate important liver enzymes that are crucial for the quick processing of harmful metabolites in the body. Another healthy food is the grapefruit.
Ten Herbs to Save you from SnoringTen Herbs to Save you from SnoringChamomile and lavender help you relax and relieve stress. Often they are prescribed for insomnia and snoring. With their aid, the respiratory airways relax and the annoying sound stops.
You Can Lose Weight Healthily with Black Tea! Find out WhyYou Can Lose Weight Healthily with Black Tea! Find out WhyThere are several active ingredients in black tea that actually bolster the effects of your diet. The most important of these are theine, xanthine, flavonoids, vitamins C and B.
Warning! Don't Mix These Foods and DrugsWarning! Don't Mix These Foods and Drugs
30 Mar.
Yana G.
There are foods that stop the effects of certain medicines. Here are the least compatible combinations that we need to be very careful with!
Eating Right During Spring FatigueEating Right During Spring FatigueEnrich your diet with fresh leafy vegetables - salads, lettuce, spinach, dock, nettle and others. They are the most important tool in the battle against spring fatigue.
Eat Every 3 Hours for a Fast MetabolismEat Every 3 Hours for a Fast Metabolism
29 Feb.
Plamena M.
The more years that go by, the harder it is to overcome our habits. Our body is programmed to overstock on fats, which it tends to burn only in extreme cases, when all other sources have been used up.
How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?Everyone's heard that some people have a better digestive system than others and that some beverages, no matter if alcoholic or not, are digested faster than others.
Which Foods are Good for Gout?Which Foods are Good for Gout?
07 Dec.
Jana G.
It's good to primarily eat fruits and vegetables, as well as other types of plant food, for gout. Vegetable soups, milk-based soups with chicken, yoghurt and different kinds of fruit compotes are all good to eat if you have gout.
Foods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney FailureFoods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney FailurePeople suffering from kidney problems are allowed to eat almost all vegetables (excluding leafy ones) and fruits. Consumption of milk and dairy products is also allowed.
Spices That Control Blood SugarSpices That Control Blood SugarThere are certain spices you should add to your diet to successfully control blood sugar levels and keep them within the normal range. Most of these have high quantities of fiber but others have a more specific composition.