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Pears - the Fruits of AutumnPears - the Fruits of Autumn
23 Sept.
Fresh pears are a real healthy cocktail of beneficial substances, organic acids, micronutrients - iron, copper, zinc. 3.5 oz (100 g) of the fruits contain 120 mg malic acid, 70 mg citric acid and up to 3 mg oxalic...
Pear CompotePear Compote
12 Sept.
Each jar gets 4-5 pears, 5 tablespoons of sugar, a few pinches of citric acid, 1 clove. Wash the pears, cut them into quarters or finely, and arrange them in the jars....
Homemade OrangeadeHomemade OrangeadeThe next day, strain through a cheesecloth, add the strained juice, sugar and citric acid. Stir until the sugar has melted. Dispense into bottles and store in the refrigerator....
Easy Homemade Cherry JamEasy Homemade Cherry Jam
02 July
The next day, boil until thickened, remove from the stove, add the citric acid. Distribute into jars....
Baking SodaBaking Soda
07 Aug.
Sodium bicarbonate is a component in baking powder, which includes further acids, such as citric acid, acid salts (hydrogen phosphate, etc.)....
Cornel SyrupCornel Syrup
19 Sept.
Near the end of boiling, add the citric acid. Pour the resulting syrup into bottles while hot....
Lazy Quince JamLazy Quince Jam
24 Apr.
Sprinkle them with the sugar and the citric acid and mix well. Put them into jars immediately , close and sterilize them for 90 minutes....
Easy Quince and Apple JamEasy Quince and Apple Jam
23 Nov.
Sprinkle the fruits with sugar and citric acid and stir well. Immediately put in jars. Sterilize for 90 minutes....
03 Dec.
The first category of organic acids includes picoline acid, oroticine acid, citric acid and gluconic acid. The second category is amino acids, including methionine, etc....
Jam from Ripe FigsJam from Ripe Figs
25 Sept.
Add the citric acid and lime zest. Distribute into jars and seal them. Sterilize for 10 min....
Rose Petal JamRose Petal Jam
26 June
Add the geranium and 1 tsp citric acid. The dark green jam is going to turn a bright red. Keep boiling another 2-3 min. with the citric acid....
Homemade Blackberry JamHomemade Blackberry Jam
14 Mar.
Before removing from the stove, add the citric acid. Distribute the jam into jars, seal them well....
04 May
The fruits are rich in natural sugar /glucose and fructose to 17%/, organic acids - succinic, citric, malic, mineral salts of potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and calcium....
03 Feb.
According to research mandarins are fruit that contain nitrates and citric acid, so they act as the destroyer of harmful compounds....
Garlic AntipastoGarlic Antipasto
30 Mar.
The amount of salt, garlic and citric acid added is to taste....