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Cheese and Ham TartCheese and Ham TartRoll out the dough on a sheet of nylon, creating a 5 cm thickness, the sheet should be slightly larger than the bottom of the pan and cover nearly the whole of its walls....
Classic GozlemeClassic Gozleme
23 July
Wrap one end into a spiral inward, wrap the other outward, to create an "8". Smear with lard and place 1 spiral over the other. Roll the gozleme out to 1/4" thick and bake in a heated, clay dish that you've oiled....
09 Mar.
The idea of creating a cream liqueur inspired others as well, who backed the Irishman....
How to Make the Perfect GanacheHow to Make the Perfect Ganache
16 Mar.
Ever since they began making ganache, around the 1850s, there's been debate about whether it was the creation of Swiss or French confectioners....
Roasted Rabbit StewRoasted Rabbit Stew
18 Sept.
Create a mixture using 1/2 the fat, flour, paprika, cloves and savory, the put rest of the oil on the bottom of the stew. Each piece of rabbit is sprinkled with salt, pepper and rolled in the mixture....
Pudding Cake with Figs and BiscottiPudding Cake with Figs and Biscotti
10 Oct.
Create a wall of biscotti along the side of the form by breaking each biscotti in 2, dipping each piece in the milk and arranging them....
Lamb with Green Onions and Fresh PotatoesLamb with Green Onions and Fresh PotatoesWith a knife, make incisions and create portioned pieces. Make a marinade from the paprika, flour, savory and water, dip the pieces of lamb in it and arrange them in an oven dish....
12 Feb.
., who possessed a young explorer's spirit, decided to create a drink different from the traditional liqueurs....
Dream Pancake CakeDream Pancake Cake
10 Oct.
Once the pan is heated, start pouring the mixture with a ladle in order to create a pancake. Bake until ready and turn over. Continue in the same manner with the other pancakes....
Sweet Turkish Delight CookiesSweet Turkish Delight Cookies
25 Apr.
Create shapes as desired from the dough and insert a piece of Turkish delight in the middle. You can roll them out, cut out circles, put Turkish delight and fold them like crescents....
The Tastiest Creme CaramelThe Tastiest Creme Caramel
06 Mar.
Arrange the cups in a deep oven dish, pour in water up to halfway the height of the cups, to create a water bath. Bake in a water bath at {140 °C} until ready - or about an hour. Leave the creme caramel to cool....
CastagnoleCastagnoleIn the middle, create a well and pour in the slightly beaten eggs, cooled butter and milk. Grate the lemon rind and start stirring. Subsequently, knead a smooth and soft dough....
The World's Strangest Mushroom: Devil's FingersThe World's Strangest Mushroom: Devil's Fingers
28 Mar.
This plant looks more like some sort of creature rather than a mushroom. And while other mushrooms make their way up through the soil, the Devil's Fingers develop in an egg-like sac....
Vanilla Soothes Nerves and HungerVanilla Soothes Nerves and Hunger
19 Nov.
The aroma of vanilla has relaxing effects, relieves nervous tension, suppresses negative emotions, awakens creative imagination, intuition and optimism....
08 Sept.
But Gaspare Campari would not stop experimenting and creating new drinks until the end of the 19th century, even though the #1 spot would still be held by his 1st creation. The dynamic story of the liqueur continued....