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How to cook fresh broccoli and cauliflowerHow to cook fresh broccoli and cauliflower
19 Nov.
Broccoli is best cooked, if not boiled in water and steam....
Avocado Oil - How To Cook With ItAvocado Oil - How To Cook With Itgood alternative to olive oil and a suitable ingredient in homemade mayonnaise, salad dressings and especially in sauces, which soften the taste of the main dish, because they themselves are light and pleasant when cooked...
How to Cook Chili, Step by StepHow to Cook Chili, Step by Step
14 June
Feel like eating something exotic and spicy? Then make chili for dinner. Of course, we're talking about the dish, not the familiar spicy sauce you can find in stores. Chili is made from beef mince, onions, garlic...
Is Hominy Useful and How to Cook it?Is Hominy Useful and How to Cook it?
30 Apr.
Hominy is useful because it contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamins of the B group, vitamin C and vitamin PP. Hominy helps to remove toxins from the body and contains two essential amino acids - lysine and tryptophan...
Stuffed Tomatoes with AmaranthStuffed Tomatoes with Amaranth
20 July
Mix the amaranth with the other spices and stuff the tomatoes, put their tops back on and arrange them in an oiled tray. Bake them in a moderate oven. Sprinkle the ready stuffed tomatoes with grated parmesan....
How to Cook Black Rice?How to Cook Black Rice?If you have decided to cook black rice in combination with white rice or other vegetables, you should keep in mind that it is good to cook the black rice first and then add the remaining products....
Amaranth - a Tiny but Very Healthy GrainAmaranth - a Tiny but Very Healthy Grain
04 Sept.
In the past, as well as today, there are over 60 known species of amaranth. Amaranth has countless health benefits, for which it simply must be included in a person's menu....
How to Cool a Beverage in Less than 2 MinutesHow to Cool a Beverage in Less than 2 Minutes
16 June
At the beginning of the experiment, we're told that the temperature of the beverage we're about to cool is {24 °C}, and after it that it's fallen down to {5 °C} - perfect if you'd like to drink something cool....
Subtleties to cook spinachSubtleties to cook spinach
10 Jan.
Cover the pan with a lid and cook over low heat. Remove it when the leaves soften. Heat a pan with olive oil and put a few cloves of garlic in. Add the dried leaves of spinach and cover the pan....
What to Cook with PotatoesWhat to Cook with Potatoes
04 May
Peeled and diced potatoes are cooked and strained if desired. To boiling water is added cream mixed with flour. In the finished soup, add chopped boiled eggs, herbs and salt. The soup is delicious and hot....
Cook Beef Quickly and EasilyCook Beef Quickly and Easily
03 May
The quickest option is to do it in a pressure cooker. The following recipes can be prepared in a pressure cooker, or normally - depends on the time you have available....
Cook Juicy Tortillas by YourselfCook Juicy Tortillas by Yourself
29 Apr.
Take it off the stove, put it into the pan, wait a minute to cool down and eat with pleasure!...
Cook Seafood Quickly and EasilyCook Seafood Quickly and Easily
28 Apr.
After their outer part is fully cooked and the core is a little harder than it, it’s removed from the heat and drained. Squid is cleaned from the skin and cut into small strips....
What to Cook for HalloweenWhat to Cook for Halloween
31 Oct.
Since Halloween is a holiday linked with all kinds of scary, chilling creatures, the dishes on the kitchen table need to create a similar atmosphere. There are a number of recipes which are always prepared on All Hallows...
3 Ways to Cook Beans3 Ways to Cook Beans
23 Jan.
Put in some black pepper, spearmint and parsley and boil until fully cooked....