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Delicious Meat Ball Soup with NoodlesDelicious Meat Ball Soup with Noodles
16 May
Cut the onion finely and grate the potato and carrot. Add the parsley, celery, salt, oil and pour water over them. Put the soup to come to a boil, and during that time knead the minced meat with the spices, rice and breadcrumbs...
Beer Soup with Pork and NoodlesBeer Soup with Pork and NoodlesCut the pork into pieces, salt it and fry it in oil. Add the beer with 4 tablespoons, as well as crushed cloves, cinnamon, grated lemon peel, carrots cut into large bits. Boil to soften the meat. Add vermicelli, flour...
Todor Zhivkov’s Favorite Phyllo PastryTodor Zhivkov’s Favorite Phyllo PastryThis is the recipe for the phyllo pastry that was the favorite of Bulgarian president Todor Zhivkov. It is from the book: "I cooked for Zhivkov"....
Chocolate LoveChocolate Love
10 Sept.
Sieve the flour with the cocoa. Mix the baking soda and salt with the two types of sugar. Add the water, vinegar, oil and vanilla. Stir with a mixer on medium speed until the products are mixed well. Pour into a square...
Chinese-Style Chicken Meat with Noodles and VeggiesChinese-Style Chicken Meat with Noodles and Veggies
26 Oct.
Make the noodles as directed on the package. Usually you have to pour boiling water over them and wait about 5 min....
Your Heart Loves VegetarianismYour Heart Loves Vegetarianism
16 Feb.
Much has been written about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Now let's support it with scientific facts. Recently one of the largest and most extensive research in the UK aimed to determine differences in the incidence...
Your Heart Loves StrawberriesYour Heart Loves Strawberries
28 Apr.
Strawberries, the healthy and delicious red fruits, have been used since Antiquity for dealing with various diseases and ailments. Ancient Egyptian manuscripts indicate that they were once prescribed by healers...
Love Confession CakeLove Confession Cake
16 Feb.
Beat the confectionery cream, while adding the sugar and vanilla, continue stirring until it becomes a thick cream. Set aside a little of it and color it with just a bit of dye, to provide a hint of purple. Start arranging...
Cake with LoveCake with LoveMix the eggs with the sugar. Beat the mixture well and add the yogurt. Add the baking powder or the baking soda, extinguished in the yogurt ahead of time. Optionally, add the powdered cocoa. Add the flour, mix into a...
Brazilian Love ElixirBrazilian Love Elixir
16 Jan.
Fat Berta
Dissolve the sugar in the warm milk and heat for 1 min. on low heat. Crumble the chocolate into pieces and add them to the milk. Add 1 cup of hot water. Add the honey, rum, salt and cayenne pepper. Heat it up without...
Seafood - on the Kitchen Table from Antiquity Till TodaySeafood - on the Kitchen Table from Antiquity Till Today
06 Mar.
Some recipes have remained unchanged even until today. In Japan, their main food source was seafood in raw form....
Say No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian DaySay No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian Day
01 Oct.
October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. It was first observed in 1977 under the guidance of the International Vegetarian Union, located in the United Kingdom. Roughly 30% of the world's population is vegetarian, with these...
Lovely Cake with Croissants and Lemon CreamLovely Cake with Croissants and Lemon Cream
16 Nov.
Dissolve the starch in a cup of milk. Heat the rest of the milk in a suitable container. Add the sugar, then the dissolved starch. Stir nonstop with a stirrer until the cream thickens. Remove the ready cream from the stove...
Lovely Hazelnut Cake with Raspberries and BlueberriesLovely Hazelnut Cake with Raspberries and Blueberries
25 Aug.
Heat the butter and mix it with the flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla and eggs. Beat the mixture with a mixer, then put the hazelnuts in it. Distribute the mixture into a cake form that you've buttered ahead of time...
Divine Cake for a Loved OneDivine Cake for a Loved One
31 Jan.
In a bowl, mix the brown sugar with the sugar. Once it whitens, add the butter. Separately, sift all of the dry ingredients through a sieve. To the egg mixture, add the sour cream, buttermilk and coffee, then begin to gradually...