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Irresistible Desserts from Arab CuisineIrresistible Desserts from Arab Cuisine
12 May
Form small cones from the dough, make a small hole at each of their bases, fill it with the walnut mixture and close it....
A Table Surprise: Stuffed PumpkinA Table Surprise: Stuffed Pumpkin
09 Jan.
Close the pumpkin with the top - you can wrap the stem with foil so it doesn't burn. Place the stuffed pumpkin in an oven dish with some water in it. Bake 2 hours in a moderate oven....
Tips for Fish PreparationTips for Fish Preparation
29 Oct.
Bake the fish close to the fire so that it doesn't burn on top, while remaining raw on the inside. Flip it over only once because otherwise you will rip it to pieces....
Secrets of good wineSecrets of good wine
24 Nov.
Pay close attention to the expiration date. 7. It is best that you try the wine - it is difficult to choose a quality drink just by looking....
Pork Kebab in EggplantsPork Kebab in Eggplants
28 June
In stages, add the coarsely chopped garlic cloves, chopped red pepper, the scooped out insides of the eggplants and finally - the peeled and finely chopped tomato....
Lean Kale SoupLean Kale SoupClean and cut the leeks into relatively thin circles and the onions into thin strips. Stew them in 30 ml of olive oil for 5 minutes. Peel a potato and cut it into cubes and wash the curly kale and cut it into pieces....
Original Shopska SaladOriginal Shopska SaladThe pepper is cut into strips. Chop the onion and parsley. Transfer everything into a bowl and season with salt and as much vinegar and oil as you like. Stir and distribute the salad into a plates, forming a pile....
Cozonac with YoghurtCozonac with Yoghurt
23 Apr.
While wrapping the individual strips around each other, add chopped nuts and raisins, previously soaked in rum for an hour....
Chou a la CrèmeChou a la Crème
18 Mar.
In 2 cups of boiling water, place the packet of butter, a pinch of salt, pour in the vinegar and flour in a constant stream while rapidly stirring non-stop with a wooden spoon....
Pork with Mushroom SaucePork with Mushroom Sauce
14 Feb.
Leave the pork in the form of large steaks or cut it into coarse bites or strips....
Three Cheese LoafThree Cheese Loaf
27 Sept.
Roll out each ball into a thin sheet on a well-floured counter, smear 1/2 the sheet with the cheese mixture, cut the other 1/2 into strips (see photo)....
Dandelion JamDandelion Jam
31 July
When picking the dandelion flowers, 1st make sure that the area you're picking from is clean, without any cars or streets nearby....
Cones with Sugary CreamCones with Sugary Cream
10 July
Cut them into strips about 1″ (2.5 cm) wide and start wrapping them around a cone, beginning from the tip and going toward the wide part....
Man`s Cake (Salty Cake with Cevapcici)Man`s Cake (Salty Cake with Cevapcici)
06 Apr.
Arrange strips of roasted peppers on top. Cover with the ricotta and arrange the rest of the cevapcici pieces on top. Pour in the other 1/2 of potato mixture and smooth it out well....
English Pie with Chicken LiversEnglish Pie with Chicken Livers
10 Dec.
You can decorate it with strips or a motif you like. On top, smear with the beaten egg yolk and bake in a preheated {180 °C} oven until the dough is baked and gets a crispy crust....