Colon Cancer

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09 Aug.
Fibbers help to alleviate constipation and protect the lining of the colon of serious diseases, such as cancer. The large amount of antioxidant vitamins in sapodillas make it a valuable health fruit....
07 Aug.
Yams are a recommended food for people suffering from cardio - vascular diseases, cancer of the small intestine, orcolon cancer....
Parsley Tea and its Healing PowersParsley Tea and its Healing Powers
01 Dec.
It has also been said that parsley tea can be effective against colon cancer and cervical cancer. Parsley is rich in folic acid - which in turn is of huge importance to every person's cardiovascular system....
Seven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erhSeven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erh
12 July
Fights cancer The tea contains powerful antioxidants that fight various types of cancer. These antioxidants eliminate the free radicals that cause cancer....
07 Dec.
Properties of lycopene Lycopene plays an important role in the prevention or treatment of breast cancer, heart disease, cataracts, cancer of the cervix, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, stomach, etc.....
23 Jan.
Benefits of broccoli In broccoli, you will find sulforaphane and indoles help fight some cancers, such as that of the lung, colon, breast, ovarian, and bladder....
Vitamin PVitamin P
04 Dec.
There is anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-cancer activity present. It has a role in preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases....
28 Dec.
The flavonoids in pineapple protect against lung cancer and other dangerous cancers. The vitamin A contained in pineapple is known for its beneficial effect on vision and eye health....
Passion FruitPassion Fruit
29 Apr.
The plant blooms in blue, yellow, red and many other colors. It’s propagated by cuttings and colors. Most of us have tried the taste of its natural juices, but few have tried the fruit itself....
Brussels SproutsBrussels Sprouts
19 Dec.
Other studies have shown that Brussels sprouts protect against bladder cancer. The properties of the Brussels sprout to bladder cancer comes from high levels of izotocianites, which are potent anti-carcinogens....
04 Nov.
High levels of lignans reduce the risk of colon cancer. Isoflavones - these are substances that strengthen the immune system. They are the most potent among estrogens from plants....
26 Jan.
It is believed that miso improves blood and lymphatic fluid, reduces the risk of developing breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer....
24 Apr.
These are biologically active substances that impart the color, the smell and the natural resistance of plants to diseases....