Harmful Foods

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Side Effects of Eating Salmon and TunaSide Effects of Eating Salmon and Tuna
11 Sept.
Still, they too are no guarantee that a harmful element won't enter your body. There have been cases of complaints of upset stomach and pains after the consumption of the aforementioned fish....
01 Oct.
Probiotics bolster the overall digestive processes, suppressing the propagation of harmful microorganisms in the digestive system....
03 Sept.
The rule is that the greener a food is the more chlorophyll it contains....
21 Dec.
at McDonalds contain sugar, which is one reason for the harmful effects of so-called fast- food....
Quail EggsQuail Eggs
02 Jan.
That is why they are kept without vaccination, making them environmentally friendly food that will not make harmful deposits in the human body....
From 2 to 4 Eggs a Week for a Healthy MenuFrom 2 to 4 Eggs a Week for a Healthy Menu
27 Feb.
In other words, the harmful kind is the low density one. It accumulates along the walls of the arteries and constricts them....
Diet Drinks and Heart DiseaseDiet Drinks and Heart Disease
30 Apr.
The caffeine found in such drinks can be quite harmful to a lot of people. Carbonated drinks in general are also harmful to people who have stomach high acid....
What not to do while eatingWhat not to do while eating
12 Jan.
Do not eat very hot or cold food - both extremes are very harmful to the stomach. 6. Get busy with work right after eating....
19 Mar.
More than 6 grams of salt a day is harmful....
Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!Don't Mix Foods if you Want to Live Long!
25 July
Animal source foods must only be eaten once a week....
16 Apr.
Additionally, pasteurization, along with harmful bacteria, also eliminates those that facilitate milk's absorption and the gut flora that aid in breaking down and absorbing food....
Saturated FatsSaturated Fats
02 June
Red meat especially, is one of the biggest sources of these harmful fats. Bird meat contains less saturated fats than the meat of quadruped animals....
Unsaturated FatsUnsaturated Fats
29 May
Harmful fats do exist but not all fats should be put under a common denominator. Generally speaking, fats are divided into saturated and unsaturated fats....