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Spinach - Foremost Aid in Weight LossSpinach - Foremost Aid in Weight Loss
08 Sept.
Spinach is a leafy vegetable that can be added to all sorts of dishes and combined with many food products. It is distinguished with its wonderful fresh taste and healthy effect on the body....
Foods That Upset the StomachFoods That Upset the Stomach
22 May
It's a well-known fact that food and health are intrinsically connected. It's also been proven that many diseases can be treated successfully if a person knows which foods to eat....
Why are Americans Fat?Why are Americans Fat?
19 Nov.
The hours spent in front of the computer, the lack of physical activity in everyday life and the consumption of ready-made foods have a detrimental effect on health and body weight....
Why are Lentils Healthy?Why are Lentils Healthy?
27 Nov.
Legumes have long been known for their benefits to human health. They can be used in salads, main courses, salty crackers and other foods. They are rich in nutrients and low in calories....
Adzuki Beans - Dietetic and NutritiousAdzuki Beans - Dietetic and Nutritious
12 Nov.
Because of this, it is a food that's recommended for people with high cholesterol. Adzuki beans improve heart health and do not irritate the stomach like other types of beans because the skins are softer....
Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?
15 Apr.
Most health food experts find it crucial to stick to the so-called "food pyramid" method....
Immunity stimulating dietImmunity stimulating diet
29 Nov.
Many of the nutrients in healthy foods help maintain a healthy barrier....
The Western Diet Shortens our Lives!The Western Diet Shortens our Lives!
29 Mar.
The more they adhered to the Western way of dieting, with refined cereals, red meat, fried and sweet foods, the less likely they were to age healthily....
Healing Foods According to Peter DeunovHealing Foods According to Peter Deunov
31 Aug.
Peas - the little green seeds are the ideal food for people complaining of an uneven tan. 3. Sugar beets - extremely healthy. It helps with eye problems. 4....
The most dangerous preservatives in foodThe most dangerous preservatives in food
25 Nov.
Eating healthy is one of the most discussed topics - what to eat, what to remove completely from your diet and why....
Unsaturated FatsUnsaturated Fats
29 May
They not only eliminate bad cholesterol but are vitally important for good health. The body cannot synthesize them on its own, so they need to be procured from food....
Fast Food Chains Don't Want you to Know This!Fast Food Chains Don't Want you to Know This!
13 Feb.
Every person has gone to a fast food restaurant at least once in their life, even though it's a well-known fact that such places offer neither healthy nor quality food....
Disgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast FoodDisgusting Facts That Will Make you Quit Eating Fast Food
09 Oct.
This exceeds the World Health Organization's daily recommended allowance of sugar several times over. Salad When we feel like eating something healthy on-the-go, we might go for a salad....

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