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27 Nov.
As hinted, Taurine is called an amino acid and actually contains amino acid, but it is not an amino acid in the full sense of the word. This is because it does not contain both taurine and amino acid group....
How to make homemade mozzarellaHow to make homemade mozzarella
08 Jan.
Dissolve the citric acid in water and add it to the milk. Heat it to 30 degrees. At this temperature, it must curdle. Add the yeast and mix well. Heat over low heat until the temperature becomes 40 degrees....
Blackberry SyrupBlackberry Syrup
21 Aug.
Mix the pressed blackberry juice with the citric acid and sugar. Put it on a stove for about 20 minutes. Pour the juice into small bottles and immediately close them. Store the syrup in a cool, dark, dry place....
Simple Ripe Fig JamSimple Ripe Fig Jam
09 July
About 5 min. before the end of boiling, add the citric acid. Distribute into jars, while still hot and close them....
Mint SyrupMint Syrup
19 Sept.
After 24 hours, strain the liquid, add the sugar and citric acid. Stir the liquid to melt the sugar. Pour them into washed and dried bottles. To last longer, sterilize for 15 minutes....
Drunk MushroomsDrunk Mushrooms
08 Jan.
Blanch the cleaned, washed and sliced mushrooms for 5 minutes in boiling water, containing the citric acid. Drain and arrange in jars. Sprinkle them with black pepper peppercorns....
Ripe Fig JamRipe Fig Jam
29 Nov.
Prepare a runny syrup by boiling sugar, water and 1/2 of the citric acid. Add figs and once the syrup thickens, add the rest of the acid. Remove the jam from ripe figs from the heat and flavour it with vanilla....
27 Dec.
In the brownish fruits, a lot of starch, cellulose, pectic substances and organic acids are found, mainly malic, citric and tartaric....
Homemade Cornel JamHomemade Cornel Jam
28 Mar.
After removing from the heat, add the citric acid. Distribute into dry jars and store in a cool and dark area....
Real Homemade CheeseReal Homemade Cheese
06 Mar.
Add the citric acid and stir nonstop until the mixture begins to form clumps and turn yellow. Pour the mixture into a cheesecloth that you've wet....
Homemade NutellaHomemade Nutella
27 Sept.
Dissolve the cocoa, powdered sugar, powdered dry milk, melted butter, vanilla and citric acid in the milk. Beat with a mixer very well....
Mayonnaise without EggsMayonnaise without EggsMix the citric acid, milk, oil and salt in a jar and leave at room temperature for half an hour....
Quince and Apple JamQuince and Apple Jam
21 Feb.
Finally, add citric acid and geranium, if desired. While still warm, distribute the jam in dry warm jars, close and sterilize them for 10 minutes....
How to Make Nectar and SyrupHow to Make Nectar and Syrup
14 Feb.
Sour cherry syrup Ingredients: 4.5 lb of ripe sour cherries, 3.5 lb sugar, 1 1/2 tsp citric acid. Preparation: Wash the sour cherries and then remove the stems and seeds....
Caramelized GrapesCaramelized Grapes
08 Dec.
Put the sugar and citric acid in a suitable container. Once it comes to a boil, leave on the fire for about 15 min. Dip the grapes 1 by 1 in the syrup. Serve them in a buttered plate....