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11 Jan.
Good sources of glutamic acid are brown rice, legumes, cereals, bread, whole grain pastas, fermented soy products....
23 Oct.
Sources of Glycine Most foods rich in protein are sources of glycine - fish, meat, legumes and dairy products....
Healthy weekly menu for diabeticsHealthy weekly menu for diabetics
10 Jan.
These include potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, lots of vegetables and legumes. Exclude fats of animal origin. Those of plant - oil from canola and olive oil are allowed....
Green BeansGreen Beans
02 Jan.
This legume low in sodium, and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol....
Healthy Recipes with Khorasan WheatHealthy Recipes with Khorasan Wheat
08 Jan.
Khorasan wheat goes best with vegetables and legumes. Khorasan wheat grains are 2 times larger than those of wheat....
24 Apr.
Sources of polyphenols Rich sources of polyphenols are red wine and red grapes, raisins, blueberries, legumes, cabbage, onions, tea, celery and walnuts respectively....
07 Dec.
years, including pregnant and lactating women: 11 milligrams Significant amounts of manganese may be lost in food processing, especially in the processing of whole grain crops for the production of flour or cooking of legumes...
Red Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with MeatRed Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with Meat
14 Mar.
Lentils are a legume, containing 30% protein, high amounts of iron, group B and B3 vitamins. Lentil sprouts contain high quantities of vitamin C....
How Long is a Soup Boiled for?How Long is a Soup Boiled for?This type of soup can be prepared from any type of fish and without restrictions for the other products - legumes, vegetables, even wine....
Do Lentils Need to be Soaked?Do Lentils Need to be Soaked?Many people that are all about healthy eating are adamant that they should be soaked, like other members of the legume family and we lean towards agreeing with them....
Black beansBlack beans
16 Sept.
Black beans in cooking The soaking of legumes in water is a pervasive rule, however, it has its scientific basis - this catalyzes the beneficial properties of beans....
Dietary fiberDietary fiber
20 Jan.
- Pulp - contained in bran, beans, peas, vegetable roots, cabbage, outer coating of seeds, apples; - Pulp - contained in bran and whole grains; - Polyfructose; - Clay - contained in oatmeal, barley and legumes...
Savory HerbSavory HerbSavory herb perfectly stimulates the activity of the stomach, which is why it is very suitable for indigestible foods such as heavy meats, legumes (beans, lentils, peas)....
07 May
They should avoid milk and dairy products and include food products in their diet such as soya milk, tofu (soya cheese), fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, fish (as long as it's not canned), eggs...
07 Dec.
Polysaccharides in the form of starch are commonly found in legumes and potatoes....