Dairy Products


Dairy is a source of useful nutrients that are important for our health. Storage of dairy products. Types of dairy products.


Dairy Products

Dairy products and information on them, their composition and health benefits. Storage, choice and consumption of different dairy products. Types of dairy products.
Dairy Products - Sheep MilkDairy Products

Sheep Milk


The unique properties of sheep's milk are well known since ancient times. Sheep milk is well beyond cow milk. Sheep milk has much larger quantities fats, calcium, protein.

Dairy Products - Cottage cheeseDairy Products

Cottage cheese


Cottage Cheese is a valuable food that a person should consume regularly. Cottage Cheese is the end product of yogurt with lactic acid bacteria. Preparation of Cottage Cheese.

Dairy Products - Balkan CheeseDairy Products

Balkan Cheese


Balkan Cheese is a type of hard feta cheese that has undergone a rapid process of lactic acid fermentation. Composition of cheese.

Dairy Products - Cow MilkDairy Products

Cow Milk


Cow's milk is a valuable source of protein and calcium. Cow's milk is the main ingredient of pastry creams and mousses.