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Cooking tips on preparing various recipes, a wide selection of spices, tips on storage of ingredients and other insider secrets from the world of chefs. Find the most useful cooking tips for the modern housewife. Try our culinary tips and give us your rating.
How to prepare dried tomatoesHow to prepare dried tomatoes
19 Nov.
Nina Nord
Dried tomatoes have become popular in recent years. Dried tomatoes are very easy to prepare and have an unusual spicy flavor. Best for drying are ripe, not too large fleshy tomatoes.
Devices for cooking with steamDevices for cooking with steamThe healthiest way to cook food is steamed. Instruments with which we can prepare steamed food recently become very popular. Devices for steam cooking.
How best to defrost meatHow best to defrost meatIf you want to cook frozen meat, you'll need to defrost it. The more slowly you defrost meat, the less juice and nutrients are lost.
Marinating and cooking horse meatMarinating and cooking horse meatIn recent years the consumption of horse meat has increased considerably. Horsemeat is one of the cleanest meats. It is very low in fat and high in protein.
How to lose the bulging bellyHow to lose the bulging belly
19 Nov.
If you have a belly, it is better to lose it, not only to look slimmer, but also to prevent a number of diseases. People with a belly are at risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes.