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Homemade Elena-Style Pork LegHomemade Elena-Style Pork LegPour boiled cabbage juice over the dried leg. Hang the leg in a well ventilated area, shielded from drastic climate effects (rain, etc.). At this stage, everything is in the hands of the Elena climate....
Home-Style Recipe for Extravagant Arabic DonerHome-Style Recipe for Extravagant Arabic Doner
26 Mar.
Add extra boiled corn, salad, potatoes, sesame seeds or other ingredients of choice. You can also add more cayenne pepper. The reason we add vinegar is to prevent the dough from shrinking....
Sweet and Sour ChickenSweet and Sour Chicken
08 Mar.
Serve with boiled rice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. I highly recommend you try these!...
07 Dec.
The longer the vinegar matures, the more acidic it is. A second option for the preparation of vinegar is with honey and pure water. Prepare as above, except that the water sweetened with honey....
Original Italian Recipe for Rum BabaOriginal Italian Recipe for Rum Baba
29 Mar.
Once the syrup comes to a boil, turn the stove off and add all the rum in at once. Cover with a lid to prevent the rum from evaporating. Leave in a warm area....