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Fast Food Kills Our Brain SlowlyFast Food Kills Our Brain Slowly
16 Sept.
Among the other foods that slowly kill the human brain are foods containing sugar, fried and processed foods, the many salty, baked goods, processed protein foods, those with trans fats, and foods with sweeteners....
Chocolate, Bananas, Spinach: Foods for HappinessChocolate, Bananas, Spinach: Foods for Happiness
04 July
The emotional reaction of the people who ate these foods was studied, as well as their brain activity....
Fatty Foods are More Harmful for MenFatty Foods are More Harmful for Men
13 Nov.
Well, after 16 weeks of eating fatty foods, symptoms of inflammation in the brain were once again seen in the male rodents but not in the female ones....
Five Foods That Will Turn you Into a GeniusFive Foods That Will Turn you Into a Genius
10 July
Fish We've said it hundreds of times but will never get tired of repeating it: fish are brain food. They are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, critical for brain function....
For a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s ContentFor a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s Content
03 Nov.
It's been found that the areas of the brain that pick up on spicy and salty tastes overlap....
I Quit Eating Bread! What are the Consequences?I Quit Eating Bread! What are the Consequences?
26 Aug.
It also turns out that carbs are the main source of food for the brain. A deficiency of them leads to ketone accumulation in the body....
Warning! They're Killing us with Е621Warning! They're Killing us with Е621
25 May
In psychiatry it's used to excite cells in the brain. The additive easily gets into the blood, changes our genes and taste sensations. Simply put - they're slowly killing us with the goal of making a profit!...
Breakfasts to Stimulate your BrainBreakfasts to Stimulate your Brain
12 Nov.
Hundreds of studies have reached the conclusion that food affects the function of brain cells....
The Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat HealthyThe Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat Healthy
02 Dec.
If we smell a pear, apple or some other fruit prior to eating, this will help our brain pick out healthy food afterwards, say scientists....
Spinach - Foremost Aid in Weight LossSpinach - Foremost Aid in Weight Loss
08 Sept.
The food products that modern-day man eats are digested so quickly that the hormones in the intestines which send signals to the brain regarding satiety don't have enough time to react....
What fish is dangerousWhat fish is dangerous
13 Jan.
They protect against heart disease and feed the brain. Moreover, also contain vitamin A and vitamin D. These fish are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D....
Don`t Skip Dinner! Make it a Healthy OneDon`t Skip Dinner! Make it a Healthy One
20 Mar.
Foods that help you fall asleep These contain calcium, which guarantees adequate brain function and magnesium, which helps the muscles relax....
24 Apr.
It is a dietary supplement that has the ability to extract the surface unique natural taste of each dish and this function helps to deliver the aesthetic enjoyment of food in the human brain....

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