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Fizzy Drinks Make Us OvereatFizzy Drinks Make Us Overeat
20 Feb.
Carbonated drinks are especially harmful because they are very sweet. This often leads to obesity, particularly in cases of gross excess of soda....
Cocktails with GinCocktails with Gin
22 Aug.
Let us offer you a few cocktails with this alcoholic drink but don't forget to drink responsibly to get the most out of it....
Sodas Alter Our DNA and Age usSodas Alter Our DNA and Age us
28 Oct.
It's no newsflash that carbonated drinks are unhealthy. Nutritionists constantly warn people to limit their use, since they contain way too many calories that we are unable to burn later....
Diet Drinks and Heart DiseaseDiet Drinks and Heart Disease
30 Apr.
Carbonated drinks in general are also harmful to people who have stomach high acid. If you completely stop drinking sodas (diet or not), you will surely feel much better and lose pounds....
Refreshing Drinks with MintRefreshing Drinks with Mint
28 Aug.
Serve the drink chilled. Tonic drink with mint and fruits. Get some cooled mint tea, 2/5 cup blackcurrant juice and 3 1/3 tbsp cherry juice and mix them together. The drink is a real energy bomb. Mint tea....
The Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat WavesThe Most Suitable Drinks for the Summer Heat Waves
21 June
We drink a lot of liquids but our thirst isn't always quenched. We often turn to carbonated and artificially flavored "anti-drinks"....
Beverages That are Enemies of a Thin WaistlineBeverages That are Enemies of a Thin Waistline
15 May
Plus, it's been known for a long time that carbonated drinks stimulate appetite, making a person eat more than they need and even aging them....
Food to lower your blood sugarFood to lower your blood sugar
28 Jan.
Dangerous for diabetics are sweet carbonated beverages, syrups, jams, nectars, melon and grapes....
How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?How Long Does it Take your Stomach to Process Different Beverages?
18 Feb.
- Almost all carbonated drinks contain large quantities of sugar which is difficult to digest and plus creates a feeling of constant hunger....
Making Sangria at HomeMaking Sangria at Home
13 May
It is one of the most delightful drinks for the summer months. Its name comes from the Spanish word sangre - blood. White Sangria, in contrast, is made with white wine, fruits and carbonated water....
Foods to Avoid During the SummerFoods to Avoid During the Summer
06 July
Carbonated drinks - besides not quenching thirst, sodas speed up the body's dehydration due to their high amounts of sugar....
03 Apr.
Other additives used in the production of this alcohol are sugar, sodium carbonate, herbal mixtures, rye, barley, potatoes....
Sodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People AnnuallySodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People Annually
02 July
, sports and energy drinks, fruit juices, as well as sweetened iced teas....

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