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Eight Substitutes for your Morning CoffeeEight Substitutes for your Morning Coffee
27 Nov.
Instead of the usual morning coffee, you can tone your body in a different way, that's no less effective. There are 8 drinks that can substitute coffee and wake you up sufficiently....
Vegetarian GelatinVegetarian Gelatin
12 May
To prepare a substitute for gelatin, grind agar in a coffee grinder or food processor, and then dissolve it in water. One portion is mixed with 200 to 300 parts of water....
Which Foods Raise Blood Sugar?Which Foods Raise Blood Sugar?
14 Apr.
Experts state that it is not good for diabetics to sweeten their coffee or tea with crystallized sugar or consume sodas with sugar (except in cases of hypoglycemia)....
The Perfect Time for Coffee is Not Early in the MorningThe Perfect Time for Coffee is Not Early in the Morning
12 June
The health risk comes not only from coffee but all foods and drinks that contain caffeine - usually, coffee substitutes are refreshing energy drinks....
Teachers and Journalists are Most Addicted to CaffeineTeachers and Journalists are Most Addicted to Caffeine
18 Sept.
There is an alternative to the caffeinated drink - it can be substituted with green or black tea. The taste is definitely different, but the end result is the same....
Instead of Coffee in the MorningInstead of Coffee in the Morning
04 Sept.
If this option isn't much to your liking, try to substitute your caffeinated drink with fresh air. Experts believe that we need just 5 min. of fresh air at the balcony or in the garden....
Drink Orange Juice Instead of Coffee in the Morning!Drink Orange Juice Instead of Coffee in the Morning!
07 Oct.
If you would like to substitute your coffee with a healthier source of energy, there are several other foods and drinks besides orange juice that can help you....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
It can be used to sweeten warm beverages such as tea and coffee, various fruit juices, shakes, smoothies and others just as successfully....
21 Dec.
Caffeine is not a substitute for sleep, experts warn. As with most other stimulants, regardless of their type and purpose, the human body slowly begins to adapt to caffeine and thus reduces its effect....
14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us14 Misconceptions about Food that Harm us
07 May
Not long ago, scientists debunked some "facts" pertaining to coffee, eggs, bread and how and when we should eat. Coffee dehydrates!...
When to drink teaWhen to drink tea
10 Jan.
Green and black tea, early morning is recommended as a substitute for coffee. They contain substances that help wake the body up and can successfully replace your morning coffee....
How to Limit Our Intake of SugarHow to Limit Our Intake of Sugar
31 Mar.
Most importantly, drink your coffee or tea with a substitute - honey is an excellent choice. It will definitely have a different taste but is also healthier....
Green Tea Against Hangovers and RadiationGreen Tea Against Hangovers and Radiation
02 Apr.
It is a wonderful substitute for coffee, for it contains 10 times less caffeine....

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