Colon Cancer

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Walnuts Fight Colon CancerWalnuts Fight Colon Cancer
01 June
As a reminder, colon cancer ranks as the 3rd most common type of oncological disease in the world....
Blueberries protect against colon cancerBlueberries protect against colon cancer
05 Jan.
The exposed components of blueberries are a very promising part of the research progress in the fight against colon cancer, according to a new study....
27 Dec.
The content of falkarinol in carrots helps to protect the health of the colon and reduces the risk of cancer; Studies show that both smokers and passive smokers need to consume foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots...
Sodium NitriteSodium Nitrite
08 Mar.
Numerous experts point to sodium nitrite as the culprit for pancreatic and colon cancer....
Black beansBlack beans
16 Sept.
By ballast substances passing into the colon, the black bean supports the lower intestinal tract and reduces the risk of cancer in this area....
25 Nov.
actions enable it to protect cells against the effects of free radicals ; - Turmeric and onions in combination may help prevent colon cancer; - Turmeric and cauliflower in combination may help prevent prostate...
Beta CaroteneBeta Carotene
06 Dec.
disease, cancer, laryngeal cancer, lung, male and female infertility, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, prostate cancer , rheumatoid arthritis , skin cancer, vaginal candidiasis and others....
Diet for colon cleansingDiet for colon cleansing
10 Jan.
Flaxseed is also an easy way to get extra fiber to cleanse your colon cancer. Flaxseed can be added to smoothies, cereal or sprinkled on most foods without compromising taste....
Say No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian DaySay No to Meat! Today is World Vegetarian Day
01 Oct.
Vegetarians have also registered lower morbidity of pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, colon, uterine and ovarian cancers....
01 Feb.
Blueberries contain another antioxidant compound that blocks metabolic pathways that can lead to cancer. Thanks to it, they provide protection against colon cancer, ovarian cancer and others....
Why we should eat grapesWhy we should eat grapes
15 Jan.
Drinking several cups of grape juice (made from purple grapes, especially Concord) helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer....
Nutritional Value and Benefits of ApplesNutritional Value and Benefits of Apples
13 May
In a study carried out in Strasbourg, it was discovered that the consumption of apples reduced the risk of colon cancer....
01 Feb.
, such as cancers of the mouth, larynx and pharynx and stomach cancer....