Combining Spices

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AllspiceAllspiceDangers of allspice Combining allspice with certain drugs may alter their action or cause unwanted side effects. Do not take allspice if you take iron and other mineral supplements....
Red Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with MeatRed Lentils are Perfect for a Puree, Brown Lentils Go Well with Meat
14 Mar.
They have a slightly spicy taste. This makes them perfect for combining with all kinds of spices. There is no need to soak the lentils for a few hours before preparation....
Best Foods to Serve with TraminerBest Foods to Serve with Traminer
02 Dec.
Combining it with sour dishes, as well as with carefully prepared birds and seafood is unacceptable, because the wine will completely dominate in them....
Tired of Meatloaf? Try These Recipes for Meat RollsTired of Meatloaf? Try These Recipes for Meat Rolls
16 Feb.
A meatloaf is a delicious and relatively easy way to impress your guests with a great looking dish, combining within it the best flavors of meat, vegetables and spices....
The Most Popular Aromatic SaucesThe Most Popular Aromatic Sauces
09 June
Italian dressing is a sauce abundant in aromas with spices typical for Italian cuisine, such as basil, softened by mayo and a cream base....
18 Feb.
Combining rum with water, nutmeg and sugar was highly popular in the past, especially among merchants and pirates. Preparation of Grog There are now hundreds of variations of grog....
Light Summer Recipe Ideas from French CuisineLight Summer Recipe Ideas from French Cuisine
07 Aug.
Prepare the sauce from the cream, wine, mayo and spices, well mixed. Pour 2 tbsp of sauce in each glass and sprinkle with egg yolk....
Culinary Use of StiltonCulinary Use of Stilton
23 Sept.
Stilton provides a spicier taste to cream of broccoli soup and converts plain old cream of potato soup into a gourmet specialty....
06 Feb.
Then place them in an oiled tray with all the spices and cut pickles, olives, tomato and spinach. Bake the dish 35-40 min. at {200 °C}....
Kala NamakKala Namak
02 Nov.
Once the spice cools, grind it and add it to the tarator along with the kala namak and asafoetida. Finally, salt and stir....
13 Feb.
If you prefer lighter foods, go for a fresh salad with dressing or white meat with light spices....
Dom PérignonDom Pérignon
22 Apr.
Try combining the champagne with a biscuit cake, Mikado cake, chocolate pastries or cold cake....
12 Mar.
It is reminiscent of fruits such as red plum, blueberry and sweet spices. Some manufacturers add a chocolate aroma or nuances of spices like black pepper....

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