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Cooking Tips

Cooking tips on preparing various recipes, a wide selection of spices, tips on storage of ingredients and other insider secrets from the world of chefs. Find the most useful cooking tips for the modern housewife. Try our culinary tips and give us your rating.
How To Marinate FishHow To Marinate FishFish is one of the most healthy products. You can prepare your favorite type of fish in different ways. One of them is by marinating the fish.
What Are The Golden Techniques For Perfect Blanching?What Are The Golden Techniques For Perfect Blanching?Blanching is the process of short-term processing of vegetables by steam or boiling water. Blanching has is known to come from France and the word blanchir itself means pouring over boiling water.
How To Properly Cook Rice?How To Properly Cook Rice?Rice is used in the cuisine of many nations. In most cases, the rice is boiled. To properly cook the rice, you need one part rice and two parts water, salt and a saucepan with a tight lid.
How To Make A Couverture For Cakes And Pastries?How To Make A Couverture For Cakes And Pastries?Couverture is very popular in the confectionery industry and it is prepared quite often. With it, you can cover both cakes and various pastries as well as other sweets.
This Is How The Perfect Pancake Batter Is PreparedThis Is How The Perfect Pancake Batter Is PreparedPancake batter is an old art. The perfect French pancake - it is so thin it's impossible to toss - is relatively easy to make.
How To Blanch Potatoes?How To Blanch Potatoes?Blanching potatoes has a number of advantages and people use the process for various reasons. See how to blanch potatoes.
How To Make Croutons?How To Make Croutons?You can easily make your own croutons, which you can use for creme soups, as well as some salads.
How To Quickly Peel Potatoes?How To Quickly Peel Potatoes?The use of traditional tools such as a knife or peeler are extremely convenient and affordable for any housewife. Peel from top to bottom to get a wider and longer peel of the potato.
How To Clean Fish?How To Clean Fish?Fish can be cleaned in several different ways. The most important thing is to wash the fish with clean tap water before you start cleaning it. So remove the dirt and fish mucus. While holding the fish with one hand, remove the scales with the other, if
How To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesHow To Properly Wash Fruits and VegetablesTo protect ourselves from all the harmful substances fruits and vegetables contain, it is necessary to properly wash our fruits and vegetables before eating them.