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Cooking tips on preparing various recipes, a wide selection of spices, tips on storage of ingredients and other insider secrets from the world of chefs. Find the most useful cooking tips for the modern housewife. Try our culinary tips and give us your rating.
Suitable Spices for MackerelSuitable Spices for MackerelWhat are the most suitable spices for mackerel? The pungent taste of mackerel, which is not well tolerated by everyone, can be alleviated if cooked in combination with sour spices.
How to Make Real Espresso at HomeHow to Make Real Espresso at HomeMany people around the world go for a cup of coffee as the first drink of the day. Making a cup of espresso is a process that requires diligence and attention to detail.
ScamorzaScamorzaWondering what scamorza is? Scamorza is a type of Italian cheese in the shape of a pear.
The Secrets of the Perfect BreadingThe Secrets of the Perfect BreadingThe most basic breading, which is suitable for any product is flour mixed with egg. Another option for this breading is to dip the product in the egg and then in the flour. The golden crust on the fried products acts as a protective cover, which preser
How to Make Sesame Tahini?How to Make Sesame Tahini?Tahini, made from sesame seeds, is extremely healthy. Its diverse ingredients make it a real miracle for your digestive system! Besides being very healthy, tahini tastes good and is a good source of energy. It is recommended that every household has a
How to Store WatermelonHow to Store WatermelonThere is almost no person who does not love watermelon. Like many other fruit, watermelons do not stay fresh for very long time once you cut them.
How to Store Green Beans?How to Store Green Beans?Green beans are one of the oldest crops, grown by humans. Green beans are typically a summer product and are then eaten fresh.
How to Make Gratin - A Guide for BeginnersHow to Make Gratin - A Guide for BeginnersPotato gratin is a dish of exquisite French cuisine with a very old history. The famous dish with a red appetizing crust dates back to the twelfth century.
How to Make the Perfect Frappe?How to Make the Perfect Frappe?No doubt, only the perfect frappe can be a substitute for coffee lovers during the long hot summer days and not just. But most fans of coffee do not like instant coffee and since it is one of the main ingredients of frappe, making this drink becomes diffi
How to Prevent the Rice Grains from Sticking to Each Other?How to Prevent the Rice Grains from Sticking to Each Other?There are several things in the culinary world that are the tip of the tops. Rice and its separation into grains is certainly not one of them, but the constant sticking of the grains is unpleasant.