The Soup Diet

The Soup Diet


Almost imperceptibly, it's as if we have a tendency to shift our gaze toward a warm and delicious soup all year long. Soup lovers usually don't sit down to lunch without this healthy liquid temptation that doesn't burden the body.



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Diets - Seven Diets That Make us Hate FoodDiets

Seven Diets That Make us Hate Food


Nowadays healthy eating is turning into a necessity if we want to enjoy good health and a perfect figure. However, some recommended food diets can ruin any good food. Here we will list the 7 diets and their insidious way of making us hate food.

Diets - Tibetan Blood Cleansing DietDieting with Health Problems

Tibetan Blood Cleansing Diet


For this diet you will need to drink a specially made beverage every day for 25 days. Drink 1-2 cups only in the morning and only on an empty stomach.

Diets - The Rural DietDiets

The Rural Diet


An adequate rural diet lasts 3 weeks but if necessary you can reduce its duration to 2 weeks. This diet contains a limited list of products for consumption.

Diets - The Pomelo DietDiets

The Pomelo Diet


Due to the large amounts of pectin and fiber, the pomelo gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety, not to mention that it is a fruit with few calories. The diet with pomelo is quite simple but needs to be followed correctly.

Diets - How Not to Diet!Diets

How Not to Diet!


Following a diet should not turn into a hobby because of possible health risks. But do we know what not to do? There is very little talk about what the major mistakes are when going on a diet and what we should definitely not do.

Diets - A Diet for Polycystic OvariesDieting with Health Problems

A Diet for Polycystic Ovaries


According to the latest research, specialized diets can have a beneficial effect on ovarian cysts. Researchers recommend not taking in more than 2000 calories a day that if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Diets - 30 Minutes for a Flat BellyDiets

30 Minutes for a Flat Belly


Aerobic exercises, also known as cardio workouts, burn energy. When you eat, the calories you take in become fuel for this energy. When you consume more of this fuel, the body carefully stores the unused parts of it in the form of fat.

Diets - Quick Weight Loss with BreadDiets

Quick Weight Loss with Bread


With each passing day, there are more and more weight loss plans, some with not so great results. Here we are offering you an entirely new diet, with a surprising ingredient - bread.

Diets - Diet for snoringDieting with Health Problems

Diet for snoring


Often the cause of snoring is excess weight. Losing weight by ten percent reduces the frequency of snoring by fifty percent.