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Fatty Acids

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Omega-9 Fatty AcidsOmega-9 Fatty Acids
11 Nov.
Choosing and Storing Omega-9 Fatty Acids Omega-9 fatty acids are contained in the formulas of various essential fatty acid complexes....
Omega-6 fatty acidsOmega-6 fatty acids
17 Jan.
A healthy diet contains a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, and some omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote it....
Omega 3 fatty acidOmega 3 fatty acid
24 Nov.
Sources of omega 3 fatty acids Salmon, flax seeds and walnuts are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids....
Oleic AcidOleic Acid
12 Mar.
Most experts posit that oleic acid is among the best fatty acids for people....
Arachidonic AcidArachidonic Acid
28 Oct.
Arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid found in phospholipids....
Linoleic AcidLinoleic Acid
01 Apr.
Linoleic acid prevents small fatty cells from getting larger. It blocks fatty growth and significantly increases the speed at which fat is burned....
21 May
This is needed because it's very difficult for fatty acids to go through this membrane since it's impermeable....
Happiness Comes with These 10 FoodsHappiness Comes with These 10 Foods
21 Mar.
Fatty Fish Fish rich in fat have a high content of omega-5 fatty acids. It's widely known that a low content of these fatty acids leads to depression....
Spices for a Better MemorySpices for a Better Memory
07 May
- Thyme - the volatile oils found in the spice increase the levels of omega-3 fatty acids and the levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). In turn, the omega-3 fatty acids improve memory....
25 Dec.
In 100 g of pure oil contains: - From 48% to 74% linoleic fatty acid - Omega 6 EFAs; - From 14% to 40% oleic fatty acid - omega 9 EFAs; - From 4% to 9% palmitic fatty acid; - From 1% to 7% stearic fatty acid....
Lipoic acidLipoic acid
04 Dec.
The way in which cells produce lipoic acid is not entirely clear, but presumably it is obtained by taking two atoms of sulfur amino acid called methionine, and the rest of the chemical structure is derived from a fatty acid...
Coconut OilCoconut Oil
28 Nov.
The composition of coconut oil is between 86.5 - 90% saturated fatty acids, 5-6% polyunsaturated fatty acids, 1.5 2% monounsaturated fatty acids. 45% of its composition is lauric acid, 17% - myristic acid, palmitic acid,...
Vitamin B-ComplexVitamin B-Complex
17 Jan.
Along with inositol (both components of lecithin), it facilitates the metabolism of fatty acids and protects the liver from fatty residue, prevents the deposition of cholesterol on the artery walls....