Foods Against Cancer

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Sodium NitriteSodium Nitrite
08 Mar.
By itself, sodium nitrite and other nitrites aren't carcinogenic but when they bind with amines in protein-rich foods they form nitrosamines, dangerous agents that cause stomach, colon and lung cancer....
09 Sept.
Quercetin is successful in combating conditions such as depression, fatigue, stress, it protects the stomach from problems and has a well-expressed action in the battle against cancer....
Foods to Alleviate any PainFoods to Alleviate any Pain
25 Aug.
Regular use of it acts as a prophylactic against colon cancer. Ginger is a natural remedy against nausea while traveling and morning sickness during pregnancy....
Beta CaroteneBeta Carotene
06 Dec.
Antioxidant and immune activity - beta-carotene helps in the fight against cancer and is a compound used in anti- aging . It is a powerful antioxidant that protects body cells from damage caused by free radicals....
The Key to Longevity is in These 5 Foods!The Key to Longevity is in These 5 Foods!
02 Aug.
Wild berries are loaded with anthocyanins, which protect against certain types of cancer. They contain a whole lot of vitamins, antioxidants, which in turn strengthen the immune system and help brain function....
19 Dec.
A study proved that women who received fiber-rich foods showed a 13% reduced risk of developing gallstones. - Fiber from whole grains and fruits protects against breast cancer....
Vitamin B17Vitamin B17
11 Nov.
Many experts believe that this vitamin is key in the fight against the insidious disease. Several studies confirm that vitamin B17 is extremely effective against cancers....
21 Dec.
, protects against breast cancer in women....
21 Dec.
- Fiber from whole grains and fruits protects against breast cancer. It was found that a diet rich in fiber and fruits, offers significant protection against breast cancer in women before menopause period....
Harmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid GlandHarmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid Gland
20 Jan.
Ultimately, the number of studies supporting the consumption of cruciferous vegetables for prevention of thyroid cancer is much higher than the number against....
Goat MilkGoat Milk
19 Oct.
Studies have shown that the calcium contained in dairy foods helps protect against breast cancer by up to 50%, and in women who have already gone through menopause by up to 74%....
Lutein and ZeaxanthinLutein and Zeaxanthin
20 Jan.
, heart disease, laryngeal cancer, lung, male and female infertility, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, prostate cancer, arthritis, skin cancer, vaginal candidiasis and others....
Healthy Sources of FatsHealthy Sources of Fats
11 July
By the way, these healthy fats help not only with the battle against cancer but are also good for cardiovascular system health and against obesity. The list of health benefits is a long one....