French Desserts

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Little-Known French Desserts: Far BretonLittle-Known French Desserts: Far Breton
08 July
More appetizing French desserts: Breton butter cake, Breton butter cream, cherry clafoutis, clafoutis with peaches, tart with pears....
Ideas for French Dessert CreamsIdeas for French Dessert Creams
11 Mar.
French cream with champagne is a perfect dessert for special occasions....
The Soufflé is the Most Problematic Dessert of AllThe Soufflé is the Most Problematic Dessert of All
05 July
The soufflé is one of the those refined French desserts that make all your taste buds tremble with pleasure! Soufflés were once eaten by kings and courtiers but today they can become a part of any dining table....
Remarkable Facts about French CuisineRemarkable Facts about French Cuisine
10 Nov.
The French make over 400 types of cheese, which serve not only for preparing aromatic salads and main dishes but also for desserts....
Foods to Avoid During the SummerFoods to Avoid During the Summer
06 July
Chocolate desserts - due to their tremendous amounts of sugar, chocolate desserts are also not recommended for our bodies....
How to Make the Ideal Mille-FeuilleHow to Make the Ideal Mille-Feuille
15 June
Mille-feuille is widely known as a French dessert but its true origin has not yet been discovered. In translation, its name means "a thousand leaves" but it's also commonly called a Napoleon....
What is English Cuisine Famous for?What is English Cuisine Famous for?
29 Apr.
Desserts in English cuisine are doughy. Muffins are characteristic, famous worldwide....
Bad News: Potatoes are the Worst Food Making us Fat!Bad News: Potatoes are the Worst Food Making us Fat!
09 Nov.
Potatoes are suitable for making delicious soups, salads, appetizers and main courses, as well as baked goods and even desserts....
Light Summer Recipe Ideas from French CuisineLight Summer Recipe Ideas from French Cuisine
07 Aug.
Like most chefs, French ones also love to use fresh seasonal produce. Throughout summer, French cuisine offers a wide abundance of salads and desserts....
Culinary Traditions in AlgeriaCulinary Traditions in Algeria
24 June
Here one can sense the strong French influence since they regularly have their coffee with milk. Sometimes they eat special Algerian pancakes - baghrir. Another national dish is couscous....
Armagnac - the Symbol of Luxury and Good TasteArmagnac - the Symbol of Luxury and Good Taste
15 June
To soften the taste of the drink you can eat quality chocolate, as well as different kinds of desserts, it also goes well with a cigar....
The History of Spanish CuisineThe History of Spanish Cuisine
01 Sept.
We can also find many French elements that have left their mark on Spanish cuisine, especially when it comes to the preparation of desserts....
5 Spices for New Chefs5 Spices for New Chefs
25 Aug.
With them, your meals will possess the taste of Italian romance, French zest and the spiciness, characteristic of most Eastern dishes. The Italian style suggests a sufficient use of basil and oregano....