Fried Dishes

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Dietetic Menu for the Modern WomanDietetic Menu for the Modern Woman
26 Feb.
Almost everything in these types of Asian dishes is fried with a lot of oil....
29 May
Reheating fried dishes in a pan or in the oven is also not recommended because this way the content of acrylamide doubles....
Delicious Ideas for Ten Quick DishesDelicious Ideas for Ten Quick Dishes
25 Jan.
Otherwise, the dish takes several minutes to make and guarantees not only an amazing taste but also many health benefits. 9. Dishes with chicken. Fried chicken bites are another fast dish....
Culinary Traditions in IndonesiaCulinary Traditions in Indonesia
27 Mar.
The national dishes are considered to be nasi goreng (fried rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles). Nasi goreng is a spicy meat dish with rice, shrimp and vegetables....
Mirepoix - the Basis of Every MealMirepoix - the Basis of Every Meal
19 May
If the meat is raw, it is fried before the vegetables. After a slight change color or softening (onions and carrots), add other products, then spices, etc....
Foods That Upset the StomachFoods That Upset the Stomach
22 May
Fried and crumbed foods - there's hardly a person that doesn't like fries or fried sprat. Fried dishes are definitely delicious but avoid fried food, as well as crumbed, when you can. 6....
Culinary Use of TrufflesCulinary Use of Truffles
05 Jan.
According to French master chefs, if you add just a little bit of truffles to fried eggs, the result will be a breakfast that everyone will remember for a long time. Truffles are an expensive culinary delight....
Culinary Traditions in BrazilCulinary Traditions in Brazil
18 May
For example, characteristic dishes of the northeast parts of the country are sea crabs and fish, known as vatapa, various dishes from okra seed pods, as well as the so-called acarajé, a deep-fried dish from bean...
Culinary Traditions in IrelandCulinary Traditions in Ireland
16 Mar.
Traditionally it includes oatmeal porridge with milk, fried eggs, slices of bacon, sausages, black pudding, boiled potatoes and fried tomatoes with tea or coffee generously poured over them....
Cities with the Tastiest Street FoodCities with the Tastiest Street Food
08 Jan.
Other popular choices include local dishes, such as cơm tấm (boiled rice) with a fried egg and bo la lot - beef seasoned with various herbs and wrapped in a leaf. Singapore....
Spices for Splendid FishSpices for Splendid Fish
25 Feb.
Basil is an extraordinary spice for fried fish. It lightens the heaviness of oily, fried fish. Black pepper and the various kinds of herbs, such as parsley and dill, are also perfect for fried fish....
The Most Popular Specialties from Chinese CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Chinese Cuisine
10 Jan.
Often, white pepper and ginger are fried in the butter, which gives a specific flavor to the dish. Crumbing is widely used in Chinese cooking. Virtually all products can be prepared this way....
The Most Emblematic Dishes from Cuban CuisineThe Most Emblematic Dishes from Cuban Cuisine
23 Apr.
They call them platanos and can be fried like chips or cooked in other ways. These, along with many typical Cuban cuisine products cannot be found everywhere....