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Why fried food is badWhy fried food is bad
14 Jan.
Fried foods can produce toxic compounds It was found that several fried foods contain traces of a toxic chemical called acrylamide, which may cause cancer in the body....
It is dangerous to have too much fried foodIt is dangerous to have too much fried food
17 Jan.
When consuming fried foods, you should know that products fried in already used oil that is cooled and then heated again are very harmful....
29 May
The foods that make the blacklist are potato chips and fries; potato products intended to be prepared at home; biscuits, bread and grain snacks; sterilized baby food and cereal-based baby food, as well as many other...
Which are the Most Addicting Foods?Which are the Most Addicting Foods?
18 May
An older study also reveals which foods are the easiest to get addicted to. Besides fries, cakes and chocolate, other addicting foods are bonbons, ice cream, pancakes, pasta and chips....
How to Prepare Healthy FriesHow to Prepare Healthy Fries
08 June
To not have the dangerous substance form, all of these foods must only be fried to the point where they attain a very light golden color. The same goes for toast....
Foods That Upset the StomachFoods That Upset the Stomach
22 May
Fried and crumbed foods - there's hardly a person that doesn't like fries or fried sprat. Fried dishes are definitely delicious but avoid fried food, as well as crumbed, when you can. 6....
Bad Moods Make us Stuff Ourselves with Unhealthy FoodBad Moods Make us Stuff Ourselves with Unhealthy Food
14 Apr.
In an outburst of fury, a person easily reaches for fried foods, various sweets or fast food. Even those people who have certain principles about food can forget about them in an outburst of negative emotions....
Cities with the Tastiest Street FoodCities with the Tastiest Street Food
08 Jan.
Palermo, the administrative center of the region of Sicily, delights with a wide variety of fried foods, such as arancini - rice balls with a meat and feta cheese sauce, potato croquettes and cardoon....
Hamburgers Make Us DumberHamburgers Make Us Dumber
29 Sept.
Munching on hamburgers, French fries and pizza has been widely criticized by doctors and researchers. There probably isn't anyone who hasn't heard about how harmful fast food is to our body and waistline....
The Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat HealthyThe Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat Healthy
02 Dec.
- The next food that often entices us because of its appetizing appearance is burgers. - Fried fish and fried chicken are no less tantalizing....
Where to Spend New Year's Eve if you'd Like to Indulge with FoodWhere to Spend New Year's Eve if you'd Like to Indulge with Food
29 Dec.
South Lake, California will tempt you with French fries, double cheeseburgers and many other caloric foods. But if you're not a fan of skis or noisy parties with DJ sets, you won't be bothered by them there....
Fast Food Kills Our Brain SlowlyFast Food Kills Our Brain Slowly
16 Sept.
Among the other foods that slowly kill the human brain are foods containing sugar, fried and processed foods, the many salty, baked goods, processed protein foods, those with trans fats, and foods with sweeteners....
Foods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid RefluxFoods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid Reflux
17 Apr.
Those suffering from acid reflux must absolutely not consume: - Spicy foods; - Fried foods; - Fatty meats; - Chocolate; - Dairy products; - Tomato sauce; - Orange juice; - Soft drinks; - Milk;...