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Dairy and fruit dietDairy and fruit diet
10 Jan.
Except for a thin waist, a dairy, fruit and vegetable diet has a healing effect on some diseases....
Weight Loss with saladsWeight Loss with salads
24 Nov.
The salad diet improves skin condition and beautification. During the diet, you can not combine fruits and vegetables in a salad....
Diet for colon cleansingDiet for colon cleansing
10 Jan.
The best way to keep your colon clean is to include foods for cleansing and detoxification in your diet. One such food is nutritious fruit and in particular- mango....
One Avocado a Day Combats Bad CholesterolOne Avocado a Day Combats Bad Cholesterol
15 Jan.
The cellulose and fats in it are actually in the largest quantities when compared with all other fruits....
The Holy Fruit - Japanese PersimmonThe Holy Fruit - Japanese Persimmon
24 Oct.
In just 3.5 oz of the fruit, there are 127 kcal and 33.5 carbohydrates. Because of these nutritional characteristics, Japanese persimmons can persist in limited quantities in our diet....
The most dietetic fruitsThe most dietetic fruits
11 Jan.
Fruits should not be missing from your diet, whatever diet you may keep, as they are extremely rich in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, iron, magnesium and others....
The Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat HealthyThe Aroma of Fruits Leads us to Eat Healthy
02 Dec.
The experts' idea is for us to smell various fruits before dinner. If we smell a pear, apple or some other fruit prior to eating, this will help our brain pick out healthy food afterwards, say scientists....
Diets without the yo-yo effectDiets without the yo-yo effect
28 Nov.
Combine your fruit intake with soup and eat the fruits first. 24-hour diet - weight loss without the yo-yo effect The innovative design of the 24-hour diet goes a step further by combining the idea of more intense...
The Indian diet and its adviceThe Indian diet and its advice
25 Nov.
Including plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits into the diet is an important step. This will provide us with more vitamins and minerals, which means one thing: lots of fiber!...
Seven Diets That Make us Hate FoodSeven Diets That Make us Hate Food
21 Nov.
One result at the end of the diet however is the loathing you will feel every time you think about the citrus fruit....
05 Mar.
Salak can be eaten when on a food diet because it has a high content of phytonutrients and fibers, which aid in weight loss....
Fruit sugar and diabetesFruit sugar and diabetes
06 Jan.
The researchers found that a diet where fructose is 20% of the carbohydrate calories leads to 34 percent improvement in insulin sensitivity compared to a diet that contains no fructose....
Foods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney FailureFoods to Eat and Avoid During Kidney Failure
22 Oct.
During that period, the patient's diet is very strict, although this continues only for the duration of the kidney failure. Herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices are generally allowed. 2....