Green Cheese

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Green CheeseGreen Cheese
04 Feb.
Here is a conventional recipe with the unconventional green cheese: Ingredients: 5.5 oz green cheese, 4-5 tbsp honey, 5 tbsp coconut flakes. Preparation: Dice the green cheese....
12 Feb.
Feta is a white cheese, traditionally made in Greece. In fact, 75% of the cheeses eaten there are of this type. Sheep's milk is its main component but goat milk is also included at times....
The Most Popular Specialties from French CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from French Cuisine
29 Nov.
Slice the pepper stuffed olives and green pepper into round slices, and the cheese - into small cubes. The onion and green onions are diced finally, and the ham - into thin juliennes....
27 Dec.
Olives combine well with fish, feta cheese, cottage cheese and cheese. Used in many pizzas and pastas, but can be eaten alone and in combination with an appropriate wine....
Blue CheeseBlue Cheese
02 May
He saw that the cheese has become strange - the whole loaf was covered with blue-green mold. He took a cautious bite of the cheese, and was amazed by the incredible taste....
14 Aug.
The cheese is streaked with blue-green veins. Its rind is incredibly hard and not fit for consumption....
Irresistible Recipes for SaganakiIrresistible Recipes for Saganaki
09 July
Saganaki carries within it a part of the irresistible taste of Greek cuisine. Saganaki shrimp are a favorite delicacy in Greece....
19 Mar.
According to technology, the spores are put in the young cheese through metal bars. These bars create air channels, resulting in the cheese section being in typical green streaks....
19 Mar.
When he returned to the cave, he found that the regular cheese has changed a lot. On it, blue-green mold appeared....
Culinary Use of StiltonCulinary Use of Stilton
23 Sept.
It combines well with broccoli, green beans and other vegetables that require boiling or blanching....
26 Jan.
Famous Roman philosopher Galenus wrote a book dedicated to food in 1572, where he notes that today we call ricotta, what the Greeks knew as Oxygenates....
Light Summer Recipe Ideas from French CuisineLight Summer Recipe Ideas from French Cuisine
07 Aug.
Salade Niçoise Ingredients: 8 potatoes, 4 tomatoes or 9 oz cherry tomatoes, 4 eggs, 1 green pepper, 15-20 olives, 8 oz canned tuna fillet, 12 anchovy fillets, 1 green onion, 1 tsp mustard, 5 tbsp olive oil...
03 Feb.
Leaders in the consumption of cheese per capita are the Greeks and French, and Italians are famous with various aromatic cheeses....