Harmful Foods

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Which Healthy Foods are Actually Harmful?Which Healthy Foods are Actually Harmful?
16 Jan.
They gradually excluded fat from their foods but to compensate for the taste, they began adding extreme amounts of sugar....
Fatty Foods are More Harmful for MenFatty Foods are More Harmful for Men
13 Nov.
Burgers, donuts and toast are vastly more harmful for the male brain, informs ABC, citing a new American study done on lab mice....
The Most Harmful Foods for your ChildThe Most Harmful Foods for your Child
06 Jan.
Some foods can have an adverse effect on the weight of the child, by leading to a rapid increase in pounds. A few types of food are harmful to your child's health....
Harmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid GlandHarmful and Healthy Foods for the Thyroid Gland
20 Jan.
But everything it does have need of can be obtained from food....
Hot or Cold Food?Hot or Cold Food?
18 May
Last but not least, hot and cold foods are harmful to the teeth - they damage tooth enamel and can cause it to crack. As a result of this, teeth become more susceptible to cavities and can be ruined over time....
Fruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the LiverFruits and Vegetables that Cleanse the Liver
11 May
There are several foods that have a detoxifying effect on the liver by providing the body healthy substances, vitamins and minerals. They also manage to rid the body of all harmful metabolites....
Why you should avoid salty foodsWhy you should avoid salty foods
14 Jan.
Excessively salty foods are very harmful to pregnant women and sick people as they overload the kidneys and liver. For a healthy person, it is also not good to overdo it with salty foods....
Why are Americans Fat?Why are Americans Fat?
19 Nov.
Also in this category are artificial sweeteners, which according to the latest research are just as harmful as white sugar....
Why fried food is badWhy fried food is bad
14 Jan.
It was found that food fried in coconut oil, is much less harmful than those fried in hydrogenated vegetable oils. Coconut oil remains stable even at high temperatures....
Trans FatsTrans Fats
09 Aug.
They are harmful even in small doses. Undoubtedly foods with trans fats are a serious problem in modern society, due to the illness and disease they cause....
It is dangerous to have too much fried foodIt is dangerous to have too much fried food
17 Jan.
When consuming fried foods, you should know that products fried in already used oil that is cooled and then heated again are very harmful....
Say No to Pesticides, Choose HealthSay No to Pesticides, Choose Health
24 Apr.
Harmful fertilizers are used to accelerate growth. Fertilizers are not intended directly for us humans, but easily fall into our body when we consume non-organic foods....
How to Prepare Healthy FriesHow to Prepare Healthy Fries
08 June
According to the Food Standards Agency, when we fry certain food products at high temperatures and they turn a darker color, a substance called acrylamide forms....