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Health Tips

Eating regimes and diets for health problems and stomach issues. Learn how to eat healthy - what to emphasize on and what to avoid. Check out our simple health tips collection. If you are suffering from, or have concerns about a particular health problem, consult a specialist when choosing a diet! Health tips for a safe and healthy life!
Help The Body Easily Process FoodHelp The Body Easily Process Food
15 June
Bam Bam
When drinking water and fluids during meals, they are diluted or washed to the lower parts of the digestive tract. As a result, the food will either remain in the stomach. . .
Causes of Excessive BelchingCauses of Excessive Belching
12 June
Nina Nord
Excessive belching is one of the common manifestations of gastric dyspepsia. It can be physiological - it occurs after eating, especially if the food is spicy, and after drinking carbonated drinks.
Foods with Expectorant PropertiesFoods with Expectorant PropertiesIf you adhere to all points of treatment, you can quickly get rid of secretions and sputum. The best foods for eliminating mucus and recipes for expectoration from folk medicine.
Why Do We Need Zinc and Selenium?Why Do We Need Zinc and Selenium?Zinc is a chemical element, which plays an extremely important role for health. Selenium is the most important element of the body's antioxidant defenses.
Folk Remedies for Constipation ReliefFolk Remedies for Constipation ReliefIntestinal disorders cause unpleasant symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea. You can cure with folk remedies both constipation and diarrhea without harming the body.
Are There Any Risks From the Combination of Eggs and Fish?Are There Any Risks From the Combination of Eggs and Fish?Can we eat fish and eggs? Does eating fish with eggs pose health risks? What are the possible harms of eating fish and eggs at the same time?
What to Eat After Vomiting?What to Eat After Vomiting?
14 May
Jana G.
In case of vomiting, it is recommended not to eat heavy and fatty foods. Some experts even recommend not consuming anything for at least 7-8 hours.
Foods, Which Raise CholesterolFoods, Which Raise CholesterolThe causes of high cholesterol can be genetic or related to an unhealthy lifestyle. How to recognize high cholesterol. Allowed and forbidden foods for high cholesterol.
Laxative FoodsLaxative Foods
07 May
Nina Nord
Laxative foods are different types of oil and dairy foods. Emphasize on beets, apricots, plums, prunes, melons and figs.
Fig Leaf Tea Helps with Diabetes and AsthmaFig Leaf Tea Helps with Diabetes and AsthmaFigs are an extremely healthy and delicious fruit, but few people know that fig leaves also have their benefits for the body.