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Beer Makes Bones StrongerBeer Makes Bones Stronger
24 Sept.
The malt elixir is extraordinarily rich in phytoestrogens, which help maintain bone health and are capable of keeping them stronger for a longer period of time....
Fruits Strengthen the BonesFruits Strengthen the Bones
28 May
For strong bones, eat fruits! Consuming fruits is a main prerequisite for healthy bones, not only for growing children but for people of all ages....
Daily intake of magnesium, calcium, potassium, selenium and ironDaily intake of magnesium, calcium, potassium, selenium and iron
03 Jan.
They are necessary for the formation of blood and bone, composition of body fluids and the healthy functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Magnesium....
Goat MilkGoat Milk
19 Oct.
Benefits of Goat Milk - It contains calcium - a mineral which is important for a wide range of things other than bone health....
28 Apr.
Fluorine is a micronutrient that is closely related to bone and tooth health....
A Life without Pain! A Curative Recipe with Gelatin Against Joint PainA Life without Pain! A Curative Recipe with Gelatin Against Joint Pain
28 July
In 7 days you'll improve your health and feel healthy and productive. You'll be able to carry out your daily tasks without any difficulty and when it comes to a life without pain - what's better than that?...
Cow MilkCow Milk
22 Dec.
Benefits of cow's milk - Contains calcium - a mineral that cares for about more than just the health of our bones. Milk is best known for its content of calcium, which plays a major role in the care of our bones....
Eat More Sweet PotatoesEat More Sweet Potatoes
03 Dec.
Vitamin D contributes to a good mood and healthy bones and joints as well. Eat sweet potatoes more, especially in the winter months, when there is not much sun....
The Unbelievable Benefits of Eating PeasThe Unbelievable Benefits of Eating Peas
26 Oct.
Green peas provide nutrients that are important for maintaining bone health....
24 June
Great sources of glucosamine are spinach and parsley, as well as animal bones and cartilage. An excellent source of glucosamine is bone broth from meat that has been boiled for an extended period with the bones....
Vitamin DVitamin D
07 Dec.
Older people with vitamin D deficiency may experience bone pain and osteomalacia (soft bones)....
Natto - the Little-Known Japanese FoodNatto - the Little-Known Japanese Food
10 Dec.
Then there's vitamin K2, which is essential for women who want to keep their bones strong and healthy during and after menopause, as well as maintain heart health....
Foods That Need to be Eaten Every DayFoods That Need to be Eaten Every Day
10 Nov.
All of these maintain healthy bones and help for a better functioning metabolism. Last but not least, yoghurt contains probiotics which are vitally important for the digestive tract....

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