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The Typical School Lunch in 10 Countries Around the WorldThe Typical School Lunch in 10 Countries Around the World
25 Sept.
No matter where you find yourself in the world, school administrations unite around the cause of healthy eating of children....
What Does the Perfect Lunch EntailWhat Does the Perfect Lunch Entail
05 July
It is very bad to eat lunch with chocolate, crisps or muffins to cheat hunger. The sandwich is also not recommended if you want lunch to be healthy....
Healthy menu for diabeticsHealthy menu for diabetics
06 Jan.
With a healthy diet, you can maintain normal blood sugar levels. Proper nutrition can help the patient to forget about their illness and enjoy the taste of food....
Which Healthy Foods are Actually Harmful?Which Healthy Foods are Actually Harmful?
16 Jan.
So instead of fooling yourself that you're eating a light vegetable lunch, you may as well get a piece of cake instead....
Potatoes Lower CholesterolPotatoes Lower Cholesterol
20 May
Some good options include 1 1/5 cups (300 g) of mashed potatoes for lunch and 1 egg and 1 tbsp vegetable oil for dinner. Baked potatoes with a little salt and 3 eggs are the perfect lunch....
Why is it Unhealthy to Eat Desserts?Why is it Unhealthy to Eat Desserts?
21 Nov.
Many people cannot imagine lunch or dinner without a delicious dessert at the end. During the day, they also eat desserts to satisfy their craving for sweets....
Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?
15 Apr.
For lunch you can eat something without any meat, in combination with milk or eggs, and for dinner - lean meat, chicken or fish....
Avocados Suppress Feelings of HungerAvocados Suppress Feelings of Hunger
13 Jan.
Besides being appropriate for diets, the avocado is incredibly healthy, " believes the dietologist John Sabat....
Diet for colon cleansingDiet for colon cleansing
10 Jan.
Lunch, dinner and breakfast: Do not mix carbohydrates (starch) with protein (meat) at each meal....
The Right Breakfast Awakens usThe Right Breakfast Awakens us
11 Apr.
Fruits - they are loaded with carbs, micronutrients, vitamins and beside all their health benefits, they regulate stomach function. Yoghurt is a fine treat, which besides being delicious, is also healthy....
The Pomelo DietThe Pomelo Diet
29 Oct.
If adhering to this diet in the winter or early spring, keep your body healthy with multivitamins....
Healthy Meals with SpeltHealthy Meals with Spelt
30 Apr.
Here is how you can prepare healthy Spelt for eating lunch and dinner....
Laws of healthy eatingLaws of healthy eating
11 Jan.
Food and the culture of eating well have their peculiarities and one needs to respect them if we want to start a healthy lifestyle. Here's what the laws of healthy eating are: 1....

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