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Cooking Ideas

Cooking Ideas

Wondering what to cook? Discover interesting, traditional and unconventional suggestions to grace your dinner table with, only from TastyCraze.
How to Make Cottage Cheese at HomeHow to Make Cottage Cheese at HomeThere is nothing tastier than homemade cottage cheese. Here are some suggestions on how to make your own cottage cheese.
Dietary Weight Loss Salads for DinnerDietary Weight Loss Salads for DinnerLosing weight with salads is not a mirage! With more persistence and healthy food you will get in shape without any problems.
Classic Fish SaucesClassic Fish SaucesTo make the fish dish even more delicious and unforgettable, we will share with you some recipes for classic sauces to surprise your guests and family.
How to Make Homemade Dried MeatHow to Make Homemade Dried MeatHomemade dried meat is a delicacy that cannot be replaced by any other store bought appetizer. As long as you prepare it right, of course.
How to Quickly and Easily Prepare Delicious TroutHow to Quickly and Easily Prepare Delicious TroutThey call it trout lean because it contains almost no fat. The fastest and easiest way to prepare trout is to fry it in a pan.
How to Make Pancakes - A Guide for BeginnersHow to Make Pancakes - A Guide for BeginnersOne of the best and most nutritious breakfasts are pancakes. And who doesn't love a pancake with honey or chocolate?
Mint and Chocolate - Ideas for a Delicious CombinationMint and Chocolate - Ideas for a Delicious CombinationThe combination of mint and chocolate is one of the most famous combinations for desserts. The taste of chocolate and that of mint complement and work together perfectly.
Quick Sunday Breakfast IdeasQuick Sunday Breakfast IdeasWe all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some delicious ideas for a Sunday breakfast!
Cheesecake Classics for Special Occasions or for Any DayCheesecake Classics for Special Occasions or for Any DayThe first cake made from cheese, flour and honey was made before 2000 BC. If you are looking for delicious cheesecake recipes, be sure to check out these recipes.
How To Make Butter DoughHow To Make Butter DoughThe preparation of pastry foods has its own mastery. Sometimes the recipes are not as complicated in terms of products, but there is more kneading or an exact time for rising, etc. To make butter dough you do not need that much time or any special prepara