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Cooking Ideas

Cooking Ideas

Wondering what to cook? Discover interesting, traditional and unconventional suggestions to grace your dinner table with, only from TastyCraze.
Suitable Sauces for SchnitzelsSuitable Sauces for SchnitzelsThe beloved schnitzel is a traditional European dish, which is prepared from meat or minced meat. Suitable sauces for schnitzels. What sauces should we garnish the schnitzels with?
Suitable Garnishes for FishSuitable Garnishes for FishA great choice for a fish garnish are cauliflower and carrots. And if you want to change the potato salad a little, add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a little corn.
How to Prepare Fish BrothHow to Prepare Fish Broth
05 June
Plamena M.
Industrially made broth is easy to use, but not always good enough. We have prepared two recipes for a great homemade fish broth.
Bacon Preparation and SeasoningBacon Preparation and SeasoningEvery lover of bacon is accustomed to preparing it to their liking and the standard spices are usually the same paprika, black pepper, mixed herbs and salt, savory herb, etc.
How to Make CiderHow to Make Cider
27 May
Jana G.
The most common cider is apple cider. It is obtained by fermenting apple juice without the use of yeast. The result is a light alcoholic beverage - about 7 degrees - with a beautiful amber color.
How to Make Elderberry SyrupHow to Make Elderberry Syrup
25 May
Jana G.
Elderberry syrup is very easy to prepare and in summer it is a very pleasant and aromatic way to deal with the heat. Here's how to make elderberry syrup.
How to Make Nut MilkHow to Make Nut MilkNut milk is an increasingly preferred choice for a healthy diet. How to prepare nut milk at home?
How to Make Homemade Sour Cream?How to Make Homemade Sour Cream?It is best to learn how to make sour cream yourself, especially if there is a place where you can get homemade milk. Remember, however, that you should also buy it from reliable sources.
Healthy Pancake Recipe IdeasHealthy Pancake Recipe IdeasLet us treat you to these delicious recipes for healthy pancakes. These three healthy pancake recipe ideas are two in one - they're both delicious like grandma's pancakes and they are more healthy.
How to Make Cottage Cheese at HomeHow to Make Cottage Cheese at Home
02 Apr.
There is nothing tastier than homemade cottage cheese. Here are some suggestions on how to make your own cottage cheese.