Flathead Grey Mullet
Fish and Seafood

Flathead Grey Mullet

The flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus), also known as the flathead mullet, is a fish from the Mugilidae family. The meat of flathead grey mullets is white and relatively dry.



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Ingredients - CarassiusFish and Seafood



Carassius is a genus of freshwater fish. Carassius belong to the carp family. They are found in water bodies of stagnant water. A couple examples of Carassius include the goldfish and Prussian carp.

Ingredients - SojuTypes of alcohol



Soju is made from rice but some current manufacturers add sweet potatoes or grain (wheat, barley) to the recipe. Soju is transparent and colorless.

Ingredients - HakeFish and Seafood



Hake is an elongated and thin fish, spindly shaped, with spiny dorsal fins, eyes that pop out and a highly protruding lower jaw. Hake is a highly preferred fish due to its delicious white meat that's low in fat.

Ingredients - SauerkrautVegetables



Sauerkraut is a food product obtained by the fermentation of raw cabbage in a specially prepared brine under the influence of lactic acid bacteria. Consumption of sauerkraut helps restore the balance of gut flora.

Ingredients - Bighead CarpFish and Seafood

Bighead Carp


Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys) are a genus of fish, popular in the culinary world. Bighead carp consumes zoo- and phytoplankton. But as it ages, the amount of zooplankton in its diet grows.

Ingredients - RambutanFruits



Rambutan is a decorative exotic fruit that is exceptionally popular in the southeast parts of Asia. Rambutan has a hard red-orange skin, under which lies the white and juicy core.

Ingredients - Epsom SaltOther Food Ingredients

Epsom Salt


Epsom salt is a prized product that has a number of miraculous health benefits. In essence, Epsom salt is crystallized magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt aids against cramps, bruises and swelling because it betters circulation.

Ingredients - XylitolPreservatives and Additives



Xylitol is a white crystal powder with an undetectable smell and well expressed sweet taste, similar to that of sugar. As such, xylitol is a sweetener that's growing in popularity as an excellent sugar substitute.

Ingredients - TurbotFish and Seafood



Turbot (Psetta maxima) is a flatfish, whose eyes are found on the left side. Turbot has a very specific shape - flat and asymmetrical, in the shape of a rhombus. Turbot is a carnivorous fish.