Which ingredients you should choose for cooking, so the meals retain the beneficial properties that are needed for optimal health and a well- functioning immune system? Find a list of cooking ingredients , their origins and use. Learn which product is useful for what and which recipes it is used in.
Cabernet FrancTypes of wineCabernet Franc
26 Sept.
Kristina Chernikova
25 Sept.
Cabernet SauvignonTypes of wineCabernet Sauvignon
24 Sept.
Rosi Stoyanova
Watermelon BenefitsWatermelon Benefits
22 Sept.
Maria Simova
Watermelon is a very tasty and healthy product that is ready to give you fresh gastronomic pleasure. Watermelon consumption strengthens the human immune system, stabilizes vision and is a prevention against cancer.
Manchego CheeseManchego CheeseThe delicious Manchego cheese is one of the culinary prides of the Spanish. The tradition of making Manchego dates back to the Bronze Age.
Bomba RiceBomba RiceBomba rice is a short grain type of rice cultivated mainly in the eastern parts of Spain. The short grains, which it is characterized with are due to the presence of amylopectin. Bomba rice - history and application in cooking.
BonitoBonitoBonito is among the favorite fish of seafood lovers. Bonito can be eaten marinated, grilled, dried or fried. Some rules must be followed when preparing bonito.
08 Sept.
Information about carrots, storage and benefits of carrots. Benefits, content and use of carrots. See what they are good for and how to use them.
Oat FlourOat FlourComposition and energy values of oat flour. Glycemic index of oats - below the average level and is 45 units. Types of oat flour. Benefits of oat flour.
Spelt Flour - Essence, Benefits, ApplicationSpelt Flour - Essence, Benefits, ApplicationSpelt is a type of grainy food that dates back to ancient times. However, due to its more difficult processing and less easy cultivation, spelt has long been one of the most common grainy foods
KefirKefirThe dairy drink, which is made from kefir, has unique refreshing, healing and taste properties. Kefir is rich in protein, lipids and sugars. Kefir is also known as the Tibetan mushroom.
Skyr - What We Need to KnowSkyr - What We Need to KnowSkyr is a dairy product. What are the benefits of eating skyr? What do we need to know about skyr?
Basmati RiceBasmati RiceCharacteristics of Basmati rice as a healthy food. Nutritional values of Basmati rice. Glycemic index of Basmati rice. Basmati rice in cooking.