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Cooking the Holiday LeftoversCooking the Holiday Leftovers
07 Jan.
The leftovers from the restaurant are stored and later used to make biofuels....
How to Properly Store Food LeftoversHow to Properly Store Food Leftovers
01 June
If you'd like to keep today's leftovers for later or another day, then it's best to leave them to cool, close tightly with a lid and put away in the fridge....
What to Cook with the Leftovers from New Year`sWhat to Cook with the Leftovers from New Year`s
05 Jan.
Another option for your leftover appetizers is to make an easy pizza. Just spread out some ready-made dough, arrange the leftovers on top and it's ready....
Ten Tips for a Safe BarbecueTen Tips for a Safe Barbecue
17 Aug.
Throw out leftovers frequently. 8. If you're planning on serving the food throughout 1 afternoon, serve the salads, meat and other quickly perishable foods in lots. Don't refill. 9....
Wash your Pots with MustardWash your Pots with Mustard
20 Mar.
Whenever you are washing pots, you can add a little baking soda or mustard to the water you are pouring in, after you have scraped off the leftovers....
Consumption of Fruits Increases HungerConsumption of Fruits Increases Hunger
11 May
They are low in carbohydrates, help intestinal function and good digestion, remove bad cholesterol, eliminate toxins and undigested leftovers from the body....
Save Money by Cooking with Products Available at HomeSave Money by Cooking with Products Available at Home
20 Nov.
If you have a few eggs and salami or sausage leftovers, you can easily make ham and eggs - cut the salami, lightly fry it and pour the beaten eggs in....
Fast Food Chains Don't Want you to Know This!Fast Food Chains Don't Want you to Know This!
13 Feb.
In chili sauce you can find the remains of all kinds of food leftovers from the previous day. 4....
What is Surimi and What is it Used for?What is Surimi and What is it Used for?
04 Dec.
There is a myth that surimi is made from the leftover waste of canned fish, but this is not true....
Snake Meat - Asian Exoticness Not Worth MissingSnake Meat - Asian Exoticness Not Worth Missing
23 June
- It's recommended to soak the meat in water and salt and leave it for 2 days, so that any leftover blood is drained away....
The Most Popular Specialties from American CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from American Cuisine
16 Jan.
But not just any kind, rather, the so-called "dirty rice" - days old leftover boiled rice, that is fried and then stewed in broth along with other ingredients....
Clever Uses of Egg ShellsClever Uses of Egg Shells
14 Sept.
To them, add the ground to powder egg shells and leftover egg dyes. Shape it into a chalk and let it dry. It's claimed that egg shells can be eaten and help against conditions such as osteoporosis....
Ideas for Crackers with Sesame SeedsIdeas for Crackers with Sesame Seeds
07 Apr.
Make a dough of the leftovers and cutouts, wrap it in foil and store in the refrigerator until the others are ready and it's time to use it. Bake the crackers for about 20 min....

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