Light Dinner

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Diets without the yo-yo effectDiets without the yo-yo effect
28 Nov.
You can add a light garnish of cooked rice or small fries, but stick to the rule that your dish needs to have at least 2/3 protein....
Delicious Soups for Weight LossDelicious Soups for Weight Loss
28 Apr.
It is enough to eat a big bowl of diet soup for lunch and dinner and the result is guaranteed. Besides the soup you can eat whole wheat toast and a light fruity desserts....
What combines well with broccoliWhat combines well with broccoli
07 May
Mix the broccoli well with the meat - with bacon pieces, and a little cheese, you will receive great and easy dinner....
Ideas for Quick DinnerIdeas for Quick Dinner
11 Mar.
Brush them lightly with oil, arrange the prosciutto slices and top with Gouda. As a finishing touch, place one slice of whole mushroom best one from a jar....
06 Feb.
Usually it is added at the end of cooking and lightly crisped. Of course, it can be eaten without heat treatment....
What is English Cuisine Famous for?What is English Cuisine Famous for?
29 Apr.
Lunch in England is light, primarily consisting of the usual sandwich. In contrast, dinner is quite hearty and fatty. Normally it is made up of meat, fish and chips, various sauces, soups....
Easy Dinner with PotatoesEasy Dinner with Potatoes
25 Feb.
Cut the potatoes into cubes and lightly fry, then add the carrot cut into rings to them., Add the finely chopped onion to them. Stew a few minutes, continually mixing....
Perfect Combinations for Salads you Can't Go Wrong WithPerfect Combinations for Salads you Can't Go Wrong With
29 June
Regardless if we're having guests over or eating with the family, whether it's lunch or dinner, there's always a delicious salad on the table....
Three Ways to Prepare Mushroom SauceThree Ways to Prepare Mushroom Sauce
25 Feb.
Mushroom sauce is suitable for all types of meat, fish, as well as many vegetable dishes, so it's best to learn to make it in different ways, to provide variety to the dinner table....
Three Irresistible Specialties with ZucchiniThree Irresistible Specialties with Zucchini
02 Sept.
Zucchini are the ideal choice for a light dinner or appetizer. Let us offer you 3 remarkably delicious and easy recipes with zucchini....
Super Appetizing Ideas for Bites and CanapesSuper Appetizing Ideas for Bites and Canapes
06 July
Canapes are served before dinner along with drinks but you can also have a canape party with many different kinds of delicious bites....
Tabasco SauceTabasco Sauce
09 Feb.
Tabasco sauce is an indispensable part of official White House dinners....
Turkey MeatTurkey Meat
07 Aug.
It is connected to the Pilgrims and dinner for Thanksgiving....