Meat and Sausages


Wieners are a very widespread type of quickly perishable sausage. Wieners are generally made from ground meat - pork or chicken, with different additives such as animal fat, spices and water.


Meat and Sausages

Meat and sausages and information on them and their composition. Storage, choice and consumption of different types of meats and sausages.
Meat and Sausages - SujukMeat and Sausages



Sujuk is a traditional Bulgarian delicacy made from chopped meat. Sujuk belongs to the lukanka family, which has an elongated rectangular shape. Lukanka in the shape of a horseshoe is actually called sujuk.

Meat and Sausages - SaloMeat and Sausages



Salo is animal fat found under the skin of a pig or boar. There are different ways of preparing and storing salo, the most popular and simplest being just salting it.

Meat and Sausages - HamMeat and Sausages



Ham is a meat product that is popular worldwide. With traditional European roots, ham is by definition a product made from the dried meat of the pig's leg - front or hind, as well as from venison.

Meat and Sausages - SalamiMeat and Sausages



Salami is not the name given to 1 specific product. As time progressed, there came to be many and different types of salami in the various countries which were all made according to the same principle.

Meat and Sausages - MinceMeat and Sausages



Mince is a food product obtained from grinding just about any type of meat - pork, veal, chicken, various types of game, fish and so on. A delicious mince must neither be too fatty, nor too dry, it has to be juicy.

Meat and Sausages - Buffalo MeatMeat and Sausages

Buffalo Meat


Buffalo meat is obtained from large mammals called buffalos. Buffalo meat is a source of saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, water and proteins.

Meat and Sausages - BratwurstMeat and Sausages



Bratwurst is a type of sausage made from veal, pork or beef. Usually bratwurst is grilled or fried. In addition it can be boiled in broth or beer.

Meat and Sausages - MortadellaMeat and Sausages



Mortadella is a popular type of sausage made according to a tried and tested recipe. Mortadella is very common in the north and central regions of Italy, more specifically in the city of Bologna.

Meat and Sausages - Goose MeatMeat and Sausages

Goose Meat


Goose meat comes from birds belonging to the Anser genus. Goose meat is a source of numerous healthy elements such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium.