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Tempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat SubstituteTempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat Substitute
10 Oct.
It is exceptionally nutritious and the most suitable meat substitute for such diets. 3.5 oz (100 g) of tempeh contain 220 kcal, 19 g protein, 7.7 g fat, 17 g carbohydrates and 4.8 g of fiber....
Eight Products to Eat Every DayEight Products to Eat Every Day
28 Feb.
Oats can be substituted with flax or wild rice....
How to Cook with Less FatHow to Cook with Less Fat
06 May
Use one egg and two egg whites in your favorite dishes with eggs or cakes, or reduce the fat and cholesterol completely, by using egg substitutes. 10....
The Most Emblematic Dishes from Cuban CuisineThe Most Emblematic Dishes from Cuban Cuisine
23 Apr.
Rice can be found in many combinations and completely substitutes bread, which is not at all prized in Cuba. Another worthy substitute is bananas....
Substitutes for Nontraditional IngredientsSubstitutes for Nontraditional Ingredients
19 May
Using some clever tricks, you can create substitutes for these nontraditional products....
Food pyramid for diabeticsFood pyramid for diabetics
13 Jan.
At the next level of the pyramid stand dairy products with meat and meat substitutes. Milk provides the body with carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals....
Herring - the Best Fish for WinterHerring - the Best Fish for Winter
10 Dec.
Experts confirm that herring can easily be substituted with another type of fish, such as salmon....
An Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once AgainAn Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once Again
09 Dec.
More than half of vegetarians are tempted by meat delicacies after a year of eating their substitutes and a third of vegetarians go back to eating meat after just 3 months....
29 Jan.
As seen, it is very high in protein, making it one of the healthiest meat substitutes. Marinated tempeh is a delicacy for the senses....
Delicious Biscuits with CarobDelicious Biscuits with Carob
16 June
Carob is one of the oldest substitutes for sugar. The products made from it are widely used even today in the food industry....
Top 5 Sauces with Which to Replace MayonnaiseTop 5 Sauces with Which to Replace Mayonnaise
05 Aug.
If mayonnaise isn't among your favorite sauces but you continue to use it every time as your main condiment, you might be interested in learning what you can substitute it with, without this costing you too much money...
The Most Popular Specialties from Arab CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Arab Cuisine
15 Jan.
The sweet pitas "aish" substitute bread and are made with flour and a sour dairy product....
Tapenade - the Poor Man's CaviarTapenade - the Poor Man's Caviar
30 June
It can even substitute spaghetti sauce and season fish or other meat. A lot of famous chefs mix together fish and meat products....