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Eat Every 3 Hours for a Fast MetabolismEat Every 3 Hours for a Fast Metabolism
29 Feb.
In order to be healthily thin, it's important to find out how our body functions. Once we become familiar with it, we'll be able to change our diet in order to normalize and then speed up metabolism. This way, the...
The fight against high cholesterolThe fight against high cholesterol
12 Jan.
disease. Green tea also favorably affects the metabolism of the body. If you drink 5 cups of green tea a day, you will burn 70 to 80 calories. Spicy herbs help to melt fat. They cause sweating and an increased heart...
Healthy Weight Loss with 6 Small Servings DailyHealthy Weight Loss with 6 Small Servings Daily
13 May
our digestive system and metabolism, in turn decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 3 solid meals and 2 light snacks are recommended. This way you'll speed up your metabolism and burn more calories...
Vitamin B-ComplexVitamin B-Complex
17 Jan.
allergic, neurological and psychiatric diseases. Vitamin B-complex includes: Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism and is required for the functioning of muscles and the nervous...
25 Nov.
and anterior pituitary. Somatotropin is a hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary. Somatotropin is also known as human growth hormone, the main contributor and regulator of body growth and metabolism. The name...
Do antidepressants and other pills cause weight gain?Do antidepressants and other pills cause weight gain?
24 Nov.
When a person takes medicines for some diseases , they are often expected to gain weight. This happens in many cases. Most drugs cause bloating and increased appetite , as well as a slowed metabolism. See some of...
Nutrition for thyroid problemsNutrition for thyroid problems
21 Jan.
metabolism in the body, but also the processes of growth and development of tissues and organs. The hormone calcitonin is responsible for the metabolism of calcium and regulates bone mass. Both excessive and...
Foods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty StomachFoods and Drinks you Should Never Eat on an Empty Stomach
28 Oct.
digestion and metabolism. Cold Drinks The biggest mistake you can make after waking up in the morning is to pour yourself a cold drink. Consuming anything cold early in the morning puts you at risk of stomach problems...
Common HorsetailCommon Horsetail
04 Nov.
systems in the body and play an important role in the metabolism and functional activity of mucosal and connective tissue, and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They are especially crucial for the development of bone...
15 Jan.
maintaining a fast metabolism. When people reduce their caloric intake during a diet, they also inadvertently lower their production of tyrosine, needed for the synthesis of natural metabolism stimulants. As a result...
13 Jan.
essential ones cannot. These amino acids need to be part of the food we eat on a daily basis because deficiency of them causes disruptions in metabolism and therefore in our body's development. The proteins we...
Losing Weight After 50: Clever Tricks!Losing Weight After 50: Clever Tricks!
08 June
muscle and speed up our metabolism. Strength training improves endurance in older individuals and helps them maintain a healthy weight. 3. Eat while sitting We consume less food and less calories when seated...
Eat Only Every 8 Hours to Lose WeightEat Only Every 8 Hours to Lose Weight
11 Dec.
certain set times, your metabolism will improve significantly. The study is by scientists from the Salk Institute in California and the data from it have been published in the Cell Metabolism journal. Around the...

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