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26 Jan.
Generally, all sweeteners can be divided into two groups: natural and synthetic. Considered natural are fructose, sorbitol and xylitol. They are completely absorbed by the body and, like ordinary sugar provide energy....
28 Jan.
Composition of stevia Stevia is a sweetener and healer, with a completely natural origin....
Monk Fruit is the New Sugar SubstituteMonk Fruit is the New Sugar Substitute
27 Aug.
Oftentimes however, artificial sweeteners are linked with numerous diseases and certain types of cancer. For this reason, the search for natural sweeteners has begun....
Ten healthy sugar substitutesTen healthy sugar substitutes
03 Jan.
Agave syrup is also celebrated as a healthy natural sweetener that does not affect blood sugar levels. 6. Maple syrup. This syrup is one of the many wonders of the world....
27 Nov.
It is not a natural product, does not improve the diet of man and is not safe to anyone. Fiercest enemies of the sweetener aspartame are adamant that it was wrong of fertilizers Health Federation of the U.S....
Sodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People AnnuallySodas with Added Sugar Kill 180 000 People Annually
02 July
Purely natural juices that contain no artificial sweeteners and preservatives were not included in the study....
18 May
But its consumption is not recommended for children under 2 because they have the greatest need of natural food products, rich in healthy substances....
Palm SugarPalm Sugar
03 June
Of course, stores now offer natural sweeteners such as stevia and agave nectar, for example....
High Fructose Corn SyrupHigh Fructose Corn Syrup
27 Feb.
Back in 1970, over 80% of the sweeteners consumed in the US were just plain sugar....
02 Apr.
Isomalt belongs to the group of natural sweeteners that are easily absorbed by the body and like regular sugar, provide energy to the human body....
Fruit sugar and diabetesFruit sugar and diabetes
06 Jan.
Fruit sugar is a natural simple sugar found in fruits, vegetables and honey....
26 Jan.
In nature, xylitol is found in fruits and vegetables, corn cobs, sunflower shells, birch wood....
Health Benefits of Maple SyrupHealth Benefits of Maple Syrup
28 May
It is extracted directly from the plant, has a natural sweetener and over 54 antioxidants, which prevent against and slow down the development of various diseases (malignant ones, diabetes and others)....

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