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Coffee Helps Against ObesityCoffee Helps Against Obesity
25 Nov.
A recent study quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper reveals that drinking more coffee protects against obesity. The study was done by American scientists, who have examined the chemical composition found in the...
How Antibiotics Lead to ObesityHow Antibiotics Lead to Obesity
07 Oct.
There are many risk factors responsible for the rise in numbers of obese people lately. Normally the experts point to the main culprits of obesity in children as being the long hours spent in front of the computer, the...
Rutabaga (Swedish Turnip) is a Powerful Ally Against Obesity!Rutabaga (Swedish Turnip) is a Powerful Ally Against Obesity!
18 Mar.
fighting obesity. The seeds of rutabaga are round, dark brown and also used in treatments. Consumption of rutabaga is not recommended for people with gastritis and an inflamed colon....
Overcome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a DayOvercome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a Day
03 Oct.
Green apples can help us in the battle of the bulge, writes the Daily Mail. Green apples provide a feeling of satiety and are a wonderful choice for people who have the problem of a constant feeling of hunger...
Fizzy Drinks Make Us OvereatFizzy Drinks Make Us Overeat
20 Feb.
The problem of obesity in children and adults, often lies not only in overeating, but also in heavy use of soft drinks. They are a nice addition to any meal and are a favorite of many people. Over eighty percent of...
06 July
reasons for the exceptional obesity in a particular species of mice. Scientists came to the conclusion that they had a mutation in the gene responsible for leptin synthesis. Since leptin suppresses appetite so...
Apples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 YearsApples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 Years
10 Nov.
parallel study, published in the Daily Mail newspaper, proved that the consumption of one green apple a day protects against obesity. Green apples provide a feeling of satiety and eliminate hunger - these fruits aid in...
Seven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erhSeven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erh
12 July
tea before meals allows for easier digestion of food, while also speeding it up. Taking 1 cup of Pu-erh tea helps against constipation. 5. Prevents obesity The potent antioxidants found in the tea fight the...
Warning! They're Killing us with Е621Warning! They're Killing us with Е621
25 May
. Monosodium glutamate increases appetite, makes people overeat. All this leads to obesity and many other diseases. In psychiatry it's used to excite cells in the brain. The additive easily gets into the...
10 Aug.
afterwards. The majority of lipids formed from this sugar is wound around the body and threatens health. This accumulation is known as visceral obesity. One of the biggest drawbacks of fructose is its inability to...
Strawberries slow agingStrawberries slow aging
17 Jan.
in children, according to folk medicine. Strawberries help cleanse the intestines and blood, helping in treating obesity. A decoction of strawberries is recommended as a diuretic and laxative which also helps, when...
What fish is dangerousWhat fish is dangerous
13 Jan.
animal studies in California have found that the presence of toxins of this type in the body can cause obesity at a later age. To live peacefully and without health problems, 140 g portion of oily fish, no more than...
Why We Should Eat Mandarins Every DayWhy We Should Eat Mandarins Every Day
02 Feb.
found in mandarins) as part of their food diet, developed symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including obesity, high cholesterol, increased levels of insulin in the blood, as well as liver steatosis. The other...