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Coffee Helps Against ObesityCoffee Helps Against Obesity
25 Nov.
A recent study quoted by the Daily Mail newspaper reveals that drinking more coffee protects against obesity....
How Antibiotics Lead to ObesityHow Antibiotics Lead to Obesity
07 Oct.
The experts came to the conclusion that children who were treated with antibiotics 4 or more times before the age 2 were at risk of obesity....
Overcome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a DayOvercome Obesity with 1 Green Apple a Day
03 Oct.
Green apples can help us in the battle of the bulge, writes the Daily Mail. Green apples provide a feeling of satiety and are a wonderful choice for people who have the problem of a constant feeling of hunger. According...
Rutabaga (Swedish Turnip) is a Powerful Ally Against Obesity!Rutabaga (Swedish Turnip) is a Powerful Ally Against Obesity!
18 Mar.
It also normalizes digestion and is good at fighting obesity. The seeds of rutabaga are round, dark brown and also used in treatments....
Fizzy Drinks Make Us OvereatFizzy Drinks Make Us Overeat
20 Feb.
This leads to obesity. If you drink more than two sodas a day for ten, years your waist will more than double....
06 July
The gene for leptin is also called the "obesity gene" and is located in chromosome 7....
Apples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 YearsApples Increase Life Expectancy by 17 Years
10 Nov.
The results of the American study will be used in the battle against eating disorders, related to obesity and slight inflammation....
Beverages That are Enemies of a Thin WaistlineBeverages That are Enemies of a Thin Waistline
15 May
While Americans argue over the reason for the national obesity epidemic, researchers state sharply, "We have convincing proof that sodas with sugar play a leading role in weight gain."...
Orange juice - as delicious as it is dangerousOrange juice - as delicious as it is dangerous
20 Jan.
When consumed in large quantities, orange juice can easily become a cause of obesity and type II diabetes....
Seven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erhSeven Benefits of Chinese Miracle Tea Pu-erh
12 July
Prevents obesity The potent antioxidants found in the tea fight the toxins that cause obesity and that can cause harm to the body....
Healthy weekly menu for diabeticsHealthy weekly menu for diabetics
10 Jan.
We live in a time of global obesity. Statistics show that between 9 percent and 30 percent of the population suffers from obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes of the second type....
Warning! They're Killing us with Е621Warning! They're Killing us with Е621
25 May
All this leads to obesity and many other diseases. In psychiatry it's used to excite cells in the brain. The additive easily gets into the blood, changes our genes and taste sensations....
25 Nov.
They suffer from obesity, have a squeaky voice and baby-like face. Boys have a small penis and scrotum, while also experiencing delayed sexual maturity....