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Why you should avoid salty foodsWhy you should avoid salty foods
14 Jan.
salt in excess of their recommended daily rate, which slows the metabolism and causes weight gain. Do not overdo it with salty foods and the sooner you learn to eat food with less salt, the more you will avoid harmful...
Alkaline FoodsAlkaline Foods
10 June
The food diet of the majority of people nowadays consists mainly of unhealthy, toxic and acid-forming foods. Meat and dairy products contain hidden genetically modified organisms, while almost all products...
19 Mar.
evaporation of sea or salt water from other sources, such as brine wells or ponds, and also by mining rock salt. Experts advise to choose low in salt foods. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of canned food, sausages...
Purines in foodsPurines in foods
22 Jan.
. Recommended is the moderate consumption of foods high in purines for people who are prone to gout, as well as the elderly. Coffee is one of the products with the highest purine content. Meat products contain thirty...
The Healthiest Winter FoodsThe Healthiest Winter Foods
19 Jan.
Winter is the season when viruses and flu are most rampant. Which is why today we've decided to offer you a list of several foods, thanks to which you can boost your body's immune system defenses. 1. Pomegranate...
List of Allergenic FoodsList of Allergenic Foods
13 Mar.
experience allergic reactions not only from cosmetic products, pollen, dust but from food products as well. These allergic reactions are some of the most common. The allergens that most frequently cause problems are...
Cleverly Combining FoodsCleverly Combining Foods
28 May
to not mix carbohydrates (starches and sugars) with proteins and acidic fruits at the same meal. Ground rules for combining foods: - Up to 12 noon, do not eat anything but fruit. They are natural and best...
Foods that Burn FatFoods that Burn Fat
16 Feb.
salads with mayonnaise. But, there are some decisions to which you can refer as a rescue plan B for weight loss. There are foods that burn fat. So you just have to focus on them. Onions and garlic are just...
Foods that cause heartburnFoods that cause heartburn
21 Jan.
Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, you to know what foods cause it, and avoid them. When eating large portions of foods containing acids in...
Foods rich in proteinFoods rich in protein
15 Jan.
. Taking less than this amount is considered unhealthy. Here are some of the most protein-rich foods. Cheese. The highest protein content among cheeses is found in parmesan - 41.6 g per 100 g portion, followed by...
Foods to Alleviate any PainFoods to Alleviate any Pain
25 Aug.
inflammation with the aid of nature and food? Numerous foods have been proven to have anti-inflammatory components which can reduce pain or swelling in a natural way, while at the same time boosting the body's defenses...
Which Foods Make us Sleepy?Which Foods Make us Sleepy?
11 Aug.
logical explanation - some foods do make us feel tired. Here are the common culprits for a sudden onset of fatigue: 1. Bread and baked goods. Baked goods from white flour have a high glycemic index, which...
Dangerous Foods That Cause CancerDangerous Foods That Cause Cancer
15 Apr.
Last year, over 1.5 billion people were diagnosed with cancer according to data from the World Health Organization. Few of these actually attribute their troubling diagnosis to the foods they consume. We may...

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